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Greenhouse Cafe (Vivocity)


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Located in Vivocity on Harbourfront Walk, Greenhouse Cafe (Vivocity) serves Western cuisine.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 63769706
$12 based on 12 submissions
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  • Mushroom soup1 vote
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Stew Kuche

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24 May 2011 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

An average meal

I have always noticed the cafe tucked into a corner at the basement of Vivocity. However, it has never crossed my mind that the cafe would serve main courses as I thought it was more of a cafe. To my surprise, the place actually serves pasta and steak as well!

I tried Set A ($12.90) of their set menu, which included shrimp paste chicken pasta, soup of the day (mushroom soup) and dessert (which i opted not to have as it was watermelon).

The mushroom soup was delicious--thick and creamy. It didn't taste like soup out of a box nor was it powdery. Furthermore, I'm not really a fan of mushrooms, so the fact that they blended the mushrooms into the soup instead of putting in slices of mushrooms was a draw for me.

The pasta was nothing special, just plain tomato sauce. The chicken was done perfectly, however it's an item that you would rather have at a tsi-cha place rather than at a western restaurant.

I was quite disgusted by the sweetness of the soda. I can't really remember what was the exact name of the soda I ordered, but I felt like I was drinking syrup. I didn't even finish half of it.

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  • mushroom soup
12 Mar 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

Avoid - lest U regret!

Just tried their set lunch - as the Soup Spoon was fullhouse. Ordered Lasagna set $12.40.

Service: poor. Didn't introduce what's in the set, choices.  Still get charge for 10% service.

Food: poor - Mushroom was salty.  The chess in the lasagna was so chewy, it's as if I'm eating chewing gum. Juice was actually diluted orange squash. --> result of microwave food.  Dessert is a slice of water melon.

Saw another patron who also didn't finish her food.

Overall, regret eating there. Will not recommend to anyone. Strongly advise to avoid/skip this cafe!

11 Mar 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

We so regretted not checking the reviews first...

Just like most others we got attracted by the interesting setting, and the set lunch meal offered looked pretty decent. The microwave oven should have been the first clue this place would not life up to expectation but unfortunatly we didn't pay enough attention to it. Nor did we bother checking out the review. Big mistake!!!!

The soup was still pretty decent eventhough it was warmep up by microwave (as you can hear the "ting", and see the microwave, there is no doubt whatsover it's nuked food).

The Lasange was simply bad. The first bite was still ok, but most of it was chewy, a bit soggy and not that tastfull. Luckely with water melon as dessert not much can go wrong.

The service is friendly but clueless. Mis-communication all over! And the female owner is the worst of all.... she gave us the impression that the drinks came with the menu which it didn't, so we paid up an extra 4 dollar for a crappy fresh juice. And crappy is an understatement!! They take a green apple and throw it in a blender. It's not juicy at all, and the drink is full with parts of the apple which should have been removed before blending it.

My advise: don't enter! Not for food/drinks at least.