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This seafood specialist sells and serves coldwater fish and seasonal seafood from Australia, New Zealand, the US and local waters. Buy something fresh to prepare at home, or tuck into a hearty meal at the cosy bistro. Try the seafood platter, or the take-away fish and chips.

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Great oysters, excellent squid

Food/Drink 3| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 648

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The food was a hit-and-miss: oysters are a must-try, fish catches cooked in the style of grilling or pan-searing are a fail-safe, pastas are a hard pass, and squid, done any way, is a cannot miss.
 1) For oysters, Canadian Golden Mantle ($4) are best for people who love big bold flavours; whereas the Canadian Mary Point ($4) is for people with a sweet tooth, the Irish one ($4) will be preferred by people who like things delicate (this was my favourite), and the French Gillardeau ($8) is for people who think only good thigns come in big packages, which probably explains its double pricetag.
 2) Hot Seafood Platter ($99): a massive medley of half a Boston lobster, grilled prawns, fish skewers, NZ mussels with garlic, littleneck clams in white wine, char-grilled Mediterranean squid, oysters mornay with caramelised onions, grilled octopus in spicy vinaigrette mesclun, and fries. It looked a rustic mess, but was deliciously value-for-money. Standouts include the squid and octopus, both were executed flawlessly.
 3) Squid Ink Linguine ($21.95) - slicked with the moreish essence of squid ink: I liked that it was generously dotted with perfectly cooked calamari.
 4) Scallop Cioppino ($23.95): an unusual but wonderful combination of spinach pesto-ed spaghetti and spicy arrabiatta, but let down by overcooked rubbery scallops.
 5) White Truffle Linguine ($23.95) - white truffle tapenade swirled into parmesan cream, and flecked with sh!take aplenty: waaaay too rich, this got cloying about halfway through.
 6) Char-Grilled Atlantic Halibut ($32.95): delicate and beautifully burnished, drizzled with a velvety herbed butter, and sided by grilled asparagus, broccoli and marinated cherry tomatoes. Fantastic stuff, even if I found a number of bones embedded within.
7) Pan-Seared Atlantic Cod ($29.95): perfectly flaky and luscious, and served with grilled zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, herbed cherry tomatoes, atop a bed of fluffy mash

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New Location. Awful Experience

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Review: 1

We were really excited that this restaurant was opening in Sentosa as we used to eat there and buy our fish when we lived at near to their Greenwood Avenue restaurant over 8 years ago. What a terrible experience we had on Friday night. The sprite served to my daughter was flat, the wine warm and the food very, very ordinary. They had run out of scallops, most of the oysters and all of their deserts. The Green lipped New Zealand mussels which came out were luke warm but tasted fine. We didn't complain as my husband and younger daughter don't like to make a fuss but we decided we weren't going to rush back and eat there again. Later that night about 2 hours after leaving the restaurant my daughter was sick and an hour later I had diarrhea and was up most of the night feeling very uncomfortable. The next day we skipped breakfast and just ate crackers and drank water so we both felt alright by the evening. We were down at the Quayside eating at the French restaurant (Bistro French Quays) which was excellent so I thought I would tell them about my experience . The lady who I think is the wife of the owner told me that I should have gone to the doctors to get a note to prove it was the mussels that had made me ill. No apology. The owner then came over and said he knew what I was trying to do I was ganging up on them. I was honestly really upset but fortunately a couple at a table had overheard our exchange and told me that they had also just had a really disappointing experience and that they couldn't believe how the owner had just spoken to me. That made me feel better. Needless to say we won't be back again. There are too many other good restaurants on Sentosa this is not one of them.

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A complete waste of money!

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 5

So I paid a couple of hundred for an extremely mediocre meal a couple of weeks back and the service was a disaster. The fish was ordinary and was prepared in such a conventional old school manner; pan seared it was bone dry on the inside and was served with some regular mash and some grilled vegies ($60+)
 Our reservation was also overlooked and we were made to sit outside, despite having booked 2 days in advance. We were also treated like second class customers because we didn't want to order any alcohol.
 The desserts were also terrible, who ever the chef is or was had absolutely no creatively and had no quality control.

Never again...

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To cold for comfort

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 2
Total Reviews: 12

Upon entry reservation didn't seem to be on their books. Not an overly friendly welcome. A Monday night it was close to full. Clearly the food is good, atmosphere is irrelevant, a little cramped feeling. We ordered the chef's platter for two ($149) takes 25 minutes. Ok lucky they gave a bread roll. Suggest sending out oysters as a small entree for your starving guests. Our table was directly under the freezing Aircon. Ordered the wine from the menu, and was presented a different wine. After requesting menu found it was different. Told that wasn't available. Food was lovely. Downfall the hot food went cold very quickly due to Aircon blowing directly on it. Another table made the same comment to staff. Crab legs dry, possibly frozen? Sticky Date pudding very nice. I'd suggest a reservation of a table next to windows facing the road. A little over priced.

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