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Purple Taste: GRUB @ Bishan Park 1

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 293

First time visiting during lunch hour on a weekday. To get here, one could take a cab and drop off at the Bishan Park carpark. Informed the taxi uncle to take us via Sin Ming Avenue.

 The days of the long queues might have passed, but this place is still pretty busy during lunch hour. Lunch sets are priced at $15 and $17 and you'll get additional cake, on top of your burger or main course. Quite a good deal, considering that the average cost for a burger is about $13, so that $2 extra would nett you a decent slice of cake for desserts. If you get a pasta dish, for example one that costs $17, then with the lunch set, the cake would practically pay for itself. Free, even better!

 lunch set
 Had tried the fish burger and the cheeseburger during previous visit, so this time round, went for the Har Cheong Gai Burger. I can almost imagine how it would taste like. Yums.

 Food was served pretty fast. All burgers come with fries, but one could opt for a small salad as well. Needed my greens, so no prize for guessing what I had. Tangy vinaigrette and pleasingly sourish.

 The patty for the har cheong gai was fried till a deep brown colour. Very very crispy batter. Am thinking that if the burger was served with those fragrant sambal belachan, then the oomph factor would probably have shot up by twofold!

 Har Cheong Gai Burger @$13++ (ala-carte), or $15++ (lunch set) are we ready?
 Liked the portion of the meat. Easy to slice through and it was juicy thigh meat encased in crispy prawn paste batter. The prawn paste taste was rather mild but one could still detect it. The crispy batter somehow reminded me of luncheon meat chips.

 juicy thigh meat
 For the cakes, there were adequate options and variety to choose from. On our day of visit, there were about 6 cakes options and a key lime pie.

 rainbow cake, key lime pie, lavender earl grey, ondeh-ondeh and milk tea cake
 The top two cakes for me was the rainbow cake and the ondeh-ondeh cake. Don't you feel happy, just by looking at those colourful layers of soft sponge?

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Don't order the burgers!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 147

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We went on a weekday afternoon, for which they are open now, but with a reduced menu (compared to the weekend brunch menu for example)   We tried their cream of mushroom soup which was rather meh. No blended mushrooms or anything like that. And then we decided to try two of their burgers! I think this was a mistake.   We had the deep fried fish burger and the deep fried chicken burger with kaffir lime mayo. In both cases the breading was much too thick and made one really full (there are buns with the meat, but the breading would have sufficed as far as carbs go). The kaffir lime mayo and the tartar sauce is really quite good but there is too little of it.   The mentaiko fries, which were what I came here for, were really good as usual. I liked the mentaiko pasta as well, although the dried shrimp was a little tough/chewy so one spends a lot of time chewing through those instead of getting the al dente bite of the pasta.   Recommendation: I still like this place, but I would rather come for weekend brunch, where they have their oeuf en cocotte (which is amazing), and I’d still always order the mentaiko fries. I’d stay away from their burgers though!

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Grub is now open for lunch on weekday 11am - 3pm

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 221

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The last time I came to GRUB was about 11 months ago for dinner. I am back at GRUB again for the weekend brunch. Located at Bishan Park, it is actually quite rare to have such dining place surrounded by beautiful greenery. GRUB still adopts a non reservation policy and hence one still needs to take their chance and queue up for a seat if you want to dine at GRUB. The good news is GRUB is now opened for lunch Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 3pm.

Kick starting the weekend brunch is the Truffled Egg Cocotte ($7) which the soft boiled eggs are perfumed with truffle and crispy parma ham served with toasted focaccia at the side. I called it a fancy interpretation of our local favourite of soft boiled eggs and toast.

For me truffle fries is already too mainstream. I applauded GRUB for not going down the path but introduced theMentaiko Fries ($9) on their menu instead. Topped with nori seaweed, the mentaiko aioli sauce goes with the fries very well. This is really addictive.

The French Toast ($12) at GRUB comes with in a combination of sweet and savoury. The french toast is drizzled with maple syrup and topped with a garlic thyme pork sausage, freshly cut strawberries and sour cream. I am not a big fan of such combination but it seems like the younger generations are more adventurous with their taste buds.

Looking for a more substantial brunch, how about GRUB Double Cheeseburger ($18) with Monterey Jack cheese? The 100% freshly minced beef patty was juicy and flavourful. The melted flowy cheese simply melted my heart as I love my burger to be very cheesy and messy. The beef patty was also juicy, moist and flavoursome.

I tried the Slow Cooked Pork Belly ($17) during my previous visit and I have enjoyed it. GRUB has since made some improvement to the dish. Gone is the potato mash drenched in a mango sauce and cherry tomato salsa. This is substituted with sweet potato mash which is cleaner in presentation, better colour contrast and still giving the dish that sweet element to complement the meaty taste. The sou vide pork belly used to be pan fried to a golden brown but now it is lightly seared allowing the flavoursome and succulent pork belly to standout more. By the way, this dish is only available for dinner.

New in the menu is the Sakura Ebi Pasta ($17). The linguine is served with sakura ebi, prawns and comes with a hint of mentaiko. The new creation is a good change from the classic tomato and cream base sauce. The sakura ebi gave the pasta a lift in both flavour and texture. I actually went back a second time for this dish but it turned out that the garlic taste was a bit stronger than previous covering the sweetness of sakura ebi. I think it lacked a bit of consistency but it still tasted as good. However I still prefer the version that allows the sweetness of the sakura ebi to shine. The Sakura Ebi Pasta is available for both lunch and dinner menu only.

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ok food, bad service

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 4

Arrived at 2pm for brunch. Server said kitchen closes at 2 but that the manager would make an exception for us. Made our orders quickly and were informed that their reputed beef and Guinness pie was out of stock, which was fine. Ordered another dish to replace and before our food and drinks all arrived, another server came to close the bill because the bar was closing, which was fine. Checked the bill, it was ok. Before our drinks arrived, another server came to inform us that the coffee machine was closed so they were not able to serve us one of our coffees. We had already checked the bill and they took our credit card and so we insisted they serve us that one coffee. Subsequently, the server relented and brought us our full set of drinks. Before we were even half way through our newly served drinks, server comes again to tell us they were closing the interior and wanted us to leave. Grub needs to know its priority between serving paying customers and closing their kitchen so that staff can check out. Will not come back here again.

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Bloggers who have eaten here

Very bad service

Food/Drink N/A | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service 1
Total Reviews: 40

To be fair, the food do looks good but I just didn't have the luck to try. If you have enough time to spare, you can go and try his new outlet at Bishan Park. Tips: grab something to eat before going.

I went on a weekday at about 7pm. They have an iPad in placed at the entrance and what you need to do is just to key in the number of seats you need, name and your mobile number. The staff will phone you when your table is ready. I waited about half an hour to get seated. That's alright as I clearly understood that it was full house. 

We ordered two burgers and one churros. Then we observed around, seeing new customers arriving at the restaurant, waited for like 30min, other tables (who came later than us) got their dishes, the table next to us (who came just before us) were finishing their food. SO WHERE'S OUR FOOD??!! We were already very hungry at 7pm when we registered for the queue. Now it's 8pm, and we still haven't start eating. 

I went forward to the counter to check with the waitress. She came back to my table and told us that there's a SYSTEM ERROR and our order didn't get through. -.- Okay good, then faster get our dishes ready! GUESS WHAT? Their ordering system is so so so screwed up. Instead of serving us first, new tables were still being served, despite us having the same dishes. EXCUSE ME?? Even though I'm doubting your excuse/reason, at least HUMAN should beat the MACHINE by taking the initiative to serve customers who came FIRST. Very poorly trained staff I would say. Don't always follow the system, you've got brain to think. 

We waited for another GOOD 15MIN and left the restaurant without our food being served. They didn't even bother to stop us from going. WELL DONE. Initially, I was prepared to give good reviews if the food's good. BUT, I'LL DEFINITELY HESITATE 3x TO STEP INTO THIS PLACE EVER AGAIN. SO UNLUCKY.

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Good People.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 9

We were itching for Churros and god knows how difficult it is to find nice and cheap Churros in Singapore and boy were we excited to head down to this newly established joint that opened in bishan Park in May. 

We called at 9pm to realized that there's a long waiting list even when the last order is at 9.45pm! The person who handled our call was very polite. 

We ordered something realll interesting apart from the oh-so-cheap-and-yummy Churros. 

Read about it here! :
Affordable organic food + good people + warm decor. 

We'll be back:) 

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The management of Grub responded to this review:
30 Jun 2013
Hey GeekyFoodies, thanks for the great review and for enjoying our food. Hope to see you again at GRUB real soon!

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