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Review for Gu Ma Jia Food Pot


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05 Mar 2014 • 4 Reviews • 0 Follower

The feeling of "home" does not just come from the food!

Love the warm, affable service from Gu Ma herself and her crew at the restaurant. The feeling of "home" does not just come from the food, its equally evident in their service! Love the assam fish head, butter egg yolk crabs, yin yang kalian most! Read the full review on my blog -
Must Tries
Assam Fish head, Salted Egg Crab
Recommended for
Ala Carte, Cheap Eat/Budget, Children/Family, Dinner, Large Groups
Average Spend
$150 for 8 pax
  • Gu Ma Jia Assam Fish Head Curry (Signature)
  • Gu Ma Jia Claypot Chicken in ginger & Seasame oil (Signature)
  • Gu Ma Jia White Pepper Crab (Signature)
  • Gu Ma Jia Yao Zam Soon Hock
  • Gu Ma Jia Hot Plate Sotong (Signature)
  • Gu Ma Jia Crispy Bean-jal (Signature)
  • Gu Ma Jia Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea
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