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Back to Gu Ma Jia Food PotSennett Estate, 45 Tai Thong Crescent
Mabel at AmazinglyStill
 • 11 Dec 2013 4 reviews 0 follower
My favourite dishes have got to be the Kyoto Pork Ribs 京都排骨, Claypot Chicken with Ginger and Sesame Oil 姜丝麻油鸡, and Buttered Salted Egg Yolk Crab 奶油咸蛋黄螃蟹.

Wash it all down with a nice cup of Ice Lemon Honey Tea makes everything much more perfect!

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Must tries: Kyoto Pork Ribs, Salted Egg Crab, Claypot Chicken with Ginger and Sesame Oil

I also recommend this place for:
Children/Family, Dinner, Large Groups, Large Groups/Gathering, Lunch, Relaxed, Vibrant/Noisy
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