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(Closed) Gulf Beach Restaurant & Zein Cafe

HalalIranianLebaneseMiddle Eastern
Gulf Beach Restaurant & Zein Cafe is located at Arab Street and specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine.
Daily: 12pm - 12am
+65 62922330
$28 based on 14 submissions
Dinner (5 votes), Hidden Find (4 votes), After Work (3 votes)

Friendly owner, relaxed ambience and good food

The owner was pretty hands on, talking to the customers. Tried Falafel and it was crispy and piping hot. The shawarmas were delicious. Good quality meat. Sujuk was pretty well done.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Kebabs3 votes
  • Moussaka3 votes
  • Sujuk3 votes
  • falafel3 votes
  • hummus3 votes
  • Lamb sausages2 votes
  • Shawarma2 votes
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 14 votes
30 Sep 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Friendly owner, relaxed ambience and good food

The owner was pretty hands on, talking to the customers. Tried Falafel and it was crispy and piping hot. The shawarmas were delicious. Good quality meat. Sujuk was pretty well done.
30 Sep 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Friendly owner & good Lebanese food

Have been there a few times.  Chicken and lamb shawarmas were pretty good. Falafel was crispy and piping hot. Friendly & attentive owner.
28 Oct 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worst shawarma/chawarama ever.

I have just used on line Roomservice and that part went great.However when we opened the boxes, it looked like someone's left over food. Shawarma craving I had dissapeared after a bite as it was awful, other beach mixed mechawi was dry and my kids simply refused to eat it. There are no salad with meat, other then tiny amount of old lettuce under the meat. Portion wise, it was tiny. Really, I should have gone to the Mc donalds instead. 
09 Mar 2012 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

Gawdawful mushroom soup

See the full review at

The air-conditioning was obviously wonky that night, and even though the staff put out a couple of fans in the indoors dining area, it was barely cooler than sitting outdoors in the very humid and warm night.

We had:

1) Farrouj Mechwi ($15) is a boneless chicken thigh patty marinated with a medley Lebanese spices, garlic and lemon juice, char-grilled. This wasn't half bad, it was aromatic and exotic,while tender and juicy, even if a frozen piece of meat was used and it wasn't very impressive at all

2) Mushroom soup - free but it was a monstrosity of a soup, terribly watery and weak, starched up by plain cornflour.This is one instance I thought it was better for a restaurant not to have served a free dish

03 Nov 2010 • 3 reviews • 0 follower



Having tried Gulf Beach now four times (two dine-in, two home delivery) we are continued to be impressed with the food quality and selection. We've noticed some reviewers say the decor is a bit plain, and we agree, however it's functional and the chairs are comfortable! The service is attentive however they do, on occasion, seem to be understaffed.


Some of the chefs on Restaurant Makeover might say the menu is too large, however having eaten in the middle east it is no larger than what you would expect in the Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, etc. The staples - hommous, tabouli, baba ganouj are all top-class. The Lebanese breads dry out fairly quickly, so the addition of a warm, moist cloth to lay over the top would be our only suggestion here. The falafels are a little different than in the Lebanon, being larger and encrusted with seed, which is an interesting and tasty innovation. The meat and chicken dishes are tasty and authentic, and the mousakaa tasty and healthy.


A limited (read, choose the white or the red!) selection of wine, however a few beers are available, as is mineral water. The addition of some Arabic wines, even some Morrocan wines would be our suggestion in this section.


As noted in our overview, the decor is pretty plain but functional. A pet hate of ours are uncomfortable chairs, but Gulf Beach have very comfy chairs. They are smart with their use of the aircon - it's not too cold which some places in Singapore can be. The tables outside are great if you're a smoker, although watch the sun around midday to 1pm when it's directly overhead.

When the restaurant fills, it can get a little noisy, however it's not too bad.


If you yearn for some Lebanese at home, Gulf Beach are part of the Room Service Deliveries service.


As mentioned above, we've been there twice and writing this review makes us hungry for more, so another trip there is a definate for us.