#01-03, 36 Purvis Street, 188613
European, French, Western
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Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Sat: 18:30 - 22:30

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$179 based on 93 submissions
Dinner (33 votes), Quiet (30 votes), Fine Dining (29 votes) ...

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine is a french restaurant located along Purvis Street that serves delicious and world class cuisine. Gunther is voted Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2013.

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Cold angel hair pasta with Oscetria caviar
Cold angel hair pasta with Oscetria caviar
Toro steak with tomato ravioli
Toro steak with tomato ravioli
Suckling pig
Suckling pig
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  • Set Lunch 4 votes
  • Apple tart 3 votes
  • Angel hair pasta 1 vote
  • Beef carpaccio 1 vote
  • Bone Marrow 1 vote
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  • Chilled japanese noodle with red or black caviar and all the continental goodies you will eat in Eur 1 vote
  • Chocolate Mousse 1 vote
  • Foie gras 1 vote
  • Freshest of the Day ...... their Canele ..... foie gras "wanton" soup 1 vote
  • Frog leg Parisienne 1 vote
  • Grilled Carabinero with Black Ink Rice 1 vote
  • Oscietra caviar 1 vote
  • angel hair pasta with chilli monte poro and dried shrimps 1 vote
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  • complimentary dessert 1 vote
  • cote de beouf 1 vote
  • mango sorbet 1 vote
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  • prawn tempura 1 vote
  • scottish bamboo clams 1 vote
  • set menu 1 vote
  • souffle 1 vote
  • wagyu steak 1 vote
  • whole salt bake sea bass 1 vote

Latest Review for Gunther's Modern French Cuisine

Overall RatingBased on 75 reviews
Most helpful review:

Lunch menu

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 15

I must say Gunther has not disapointed me with his selection of set lunch. IT had portobello mushroom, Seafood of the day ( snapper) and mango sorbet. The mango sorbet was simply divine...and it really tasted more of ( mango pudding). The combination of flavors in the food was very intricately added.

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Still ... A very solid French restaurant in the island

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 16

This review should’ve come earlier, but due to our Japan’s trip in Autumn 2015 (plus plenty of restaurants review) – only this weekend I managed to squeeze some times for another report of my dinner meal at Gunther’s. It took place sometimes in the mid/end of Nov last year and I had a pre-arranged degustation menu with some white truffle dishes.


There were 2 dishes that I particularly loved:

- Langoustine carpaccio with caviar and light cream sauce (vinaigrette & olive oil). The shellfish was fresh, moist and sweet; enhanced by glistening and briny flavor of Oscietra caviar. It was not inferior to Chef Hubrechsen’s cold angel hair pasta except the portion was rather small. A nice nostalgic of Alain Passard’s signature dish that (I believe) he no longer serves at L’Arpege

- The combo of egg fondant and bone marrow + Alba truffle. The outstanding item was the pure, buttery and umami bone marrow (cooked slowly for a few hours); the addition of white truffle made it an ‘intensely’ delicious dish. For more flavors, either add pumpkin coulis to the marrow or eating it alternately with the half-boiled egg yolk truffle on the side.  


Personally, I liked my meal more a couple years ago. There wasn’t any bad dish per se, but most dishes were ‘only’ good/decent (probably some unconscious result from my superior meals during the Japan’s trip). For instance, my Spanish roasted black pig was tender and tasty but a bit too dry/not juicy. The signature dessert of apple tart dragee suffered from its hard texture (difficult to cut through). Moreover, I think I consumed one too many courses prepared in “raw” style that night. Thinking about it now, it would’ve been better had Gunther prepared grilled/pan-seared scallop instead of delivering this shellfish in carpaccio style.


The hospitality, on the contrary, was stellar. Bernard Nicolas, the restaurant manager/wine advisor, returned to lead the restaurant’s dining room once again. He added more interesting personality with his charm, witty and passion vs the common formal, polite but boring service one usually receives in Singapore high end restaurants. I went easy for the alcohol; only drank a glass of 2010 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru (Maison Vincent Girardin) – elegant in ‘golden’ color; fruity, dense with some oak – should come together better in 2/3 years’ time. The restaurant was kind enough to give me a tasting portion of Tokaji sweet wine to accompany my dessert  


I would give the rating for the food 93/100 this time. With regards to the upcoming Singapore Michelin guide, I’m confident Gunther’s will get at least 1-star though for my taste, it deserved 2-star assuming the Michelin would use the same generous standard applied to the HK/Macau guide


Here are the pictures from this meal: https:[email protected]/albums/72157665119931790


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Lunch Set

Total Reviews: 207

Gunther's is one of the best French restaurants in Singapore. Located in the middle of the shophouses, next to its sister restaurant Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, another equally well known restaurant. Although the restaurant is quite high end with its equally expensive priced menu, it offers quite a reasonable priced 3 course lunch set at $38++ which is available on weekday. The restaurant is decorated in grey with paintings and dim lights around which gives an elegant setting. Besides the usual menu, the staff also make his offers on what is in season by using a "daily special cart". Today there is vegetables from Japan, lamb, wagyu beef, and assorted seafood such king crab, scallop. But the one which holds everyone's attention is the truffle. Even when covers in a glass cover, one can easily smells the earthy pungent smell.

Before starting the meal, one is served with hot towel to wipe with. One is served with a pipping warm mini buguette and butter to start the meal. Though the bread looks hard, it is quite crispy and soft to texture.

For today's lunch set, there is 3 choices for starter : Farmer's salad, Clear vegetable soup, and Braised Portobello mushroom, sunny side up egg.

Braised Portobello mushroom, sunny side up egg
The mushroom is quite well flavoured.

Next is the main which also comes with 3 choices : Gunther's Creation (seafood pasta), Braised lamb stew, Leffe beer, and Charcoal grilled Wagyu steak (additional S$20++).

Cold Angel hair pasta, Oscietra caviar ($60++)
However I decide to go with the staff's recommendation to topup $40++ more to change the main course to the restaurant's signature cold pasta dish. It is quite popular which could be found in most tables. Refreshing cold and smells great of truffle which makes one high before eating.

The last course is the dessert which also comes with 3 choices : Dessert of the Day (Pineapple Panna Cotta), Cheese Platter (additional S$10++), and Fine apple tart "à la dragées", Havana rum raisin ice cream (additional S$8++).

Fine apple tart "à la dragées", Havana rum raisin ice cream ($25++)
The apple tart is different from the traditional apple tart. It looks more like a flat pizza. Thin slices of soft caramelised apple on a very thin base. Crunchy and crispy on the outside. The ice cream is rich and creamy. Pairing the cold ice cream and the warm apple tart together is quite a yummy combination.

Lastly there is coffee or tea and Petit fours to end the meal with. The coffee is quite rich with a slight bitter and chocolaty taste. I have it with just milk and it was just nice to balance with the sweetness from the dessert and petit fours.

The petit fours consists of Financier, Canele, Wafer and chocolate. I like the canel, which has a soft and tender custard center with a dark, thick caramelized crust.

Overall the food is quite delicious. The place is packed even it is a weekday lunch time. Although the restaurant is busy, its Chef Gunther still make an effort to visit the tables.

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