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Haagen Dazs is a dessert chain famous for their ice cream and signature creations. Their recipes are combination of finest ingredients and slow-melting cream to make their ice cream more long lasting.

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Aftermath... Liquid cream was all that left..
Aftermath... Liquid cream was all that left..
You see the ice cream melting away :.(
You see the ice cream melting away :.(

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I scream for ice cream!!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 38

Haagen Dazs. Probably my favourite ice cream because they have cookie crumble flavour and its so delicious. Price is reasonable just like BnJ and marble Slab. Its a fine dining restaurant that probably we normally have eaten it before! I definitely love their ice cream and haagen dazs ice cream is definitely different from what ive tried at other ice cream stall. I felt its fresh and not too sweet. Which i love it as i cant consume too sweet hehe! Their waffle portion is just nice! Not too big!

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Haagen Melting Dazs

Food/Drink 2 | Value 0 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 24

I guess not many would derive that it would be possible for Haagen Dazs to recieve bad reviews. Their ice cream are probably the creamiest amongst the bunch. They employ a good selecion of staff, provide my favourite ziggy water (water w/ lime/lemon) and good ambience. However, this review was not meant to be one that would be too kind.

Arriving after a good 630pm show. It was about 930ish? As most shops have been packing, my wifey and I were having ice cream cravings, so we decided to check out Haagen Dazs. I asked the manager, if they were still opened, he said:"Hey sure, but sorry would you mind if you cleared the bill upon serving you the ice cream?" I told him I was alright with that, since the other shops were pretty much closed. Some of you who read my previous review would know how I hate the idea of giving the customer bill before food is served, but when given notice, I normally give it a pass.

In any case, we made our choice and decided to treat ourselves to the Heavenly Indulgence. It is your Swensen equalivent of Earth Quake. After waiting for a good 15mins, our treat was served! It looked fantastic! Presentation was really nice. But once we started digging in, then came the unexpected, ALL i mean ALL the ice cream were melting. What a disappointment! Having paid already, and they were busy clearing up, we literally GOBBLED up all the ice cream not taste and indulge in the finest dessert.

I would have thought the ice cream be firm to say the least. The condition I recieved it in was probably, melting away for a good 10mins... SOunds familiar? I waited 15 -.-

For this I don think I will EVER return to this branch. I will also NOT ACCEPT paying for any food before I see it in future.

F/B: 3/10 all 7 points lost to the lack of decent firm ice cream.

Ambience: 7/10 decent set up but all my mood lost once the ice cream was served!

Value: 0.1/10 Value? What Value when I get this kind of ice cream

Service: 8/10 Good service but your product killed you.

Please comment and feedback my reviews. Greatly appreciate it.

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