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HJ. Maimunah Restaurant & Catering (Joo Chiat Rd)

AsianIndonesianMalayMalay / IndonesianMalaysian
Tuck into traditional Malay food in this lively restaurant that also offers set menus and catering services.

Tue - Sun: 08:00 - 21:30

Closed: Mon

+65 63485457
$10 based on 10 submissions
Children/Family (4 votes), Lunch (4 votes), Brunch (3 votes)

Not sure if it's the best, but surely it's Delicious..

Ever since we tried the Ayam Masak Merah, Asam Pedas, and Grilled fish with spicy cili padi soy source, we returned to this place at least twice a month for the weekend tummy treat.. 

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Rendang Daging2 votes
  • Sayur Ulam2 votes
  • dark sauce ayam2 votes
  • Ayam masak merah1 vote
  • Siput Sedot Masak Lemak1 vote
  • Urap-Urap1 vote
  • kolak1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
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21 Mar 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Not sure if it's the best, but surely it's Delicious..

Ever since we tried the Ayam Masak Merah, Asam Pedas, and Grilled fish with spicy cili padi soy source, we returned to this place at least twice a month for the weekend tummy treat.. 
27 Sep 2013 • 12 reviews • 3 followers

Best. Dessert. Ever.

If you like coconut-based desserts, you will love the pandan pudding at Maimunah. I can never remember what it's called, but look for the white and green confection in a cup (refer to picture). The coconut cream is fresh, thick and smooth and pairs perfectly with the slightly savoury pandan layer. Pour the gula melaka over and - heaven. (I like that the gula melaka is packed separately so you can control how much you add.) 
 I have yet to try the other dishes here but felt I had to post this dish-specific review on HGW because it is hands down the best dessert I've had in a long time. Good things must share!
18 Oct 2010 • 13 reviews • 0 follower

2nd Visit in a Week

Brought my whole family and maid there for a quick lunch after church service... took a risk as it was expected to be crowded. Parked my car at Joo Chiat Complex and walked back to the restaurant. There was already a long queue to select the pre-cooked food but fortunately many tables were available at the second floor.

This time, I wanted to try the other dishes but because my son loves beef rendang, tauhu telor and the dark sauced ayam and I love them too, we ordered them again. The rest of the dishes ordered were deep-fried fish [ang kor lee] with lime/green chilli/onion, deep fried chilli brinjal, fried fish balls on a stick, sayur lodeh with tempeh, and beef rendang. We also picked up drinks [barley and lime] and snacks [fried banana fritters, steamed tapioca with palm sugar and tapioca/palm sugar layered kueh]. Total bill paid was about $55 before the waiter swiftly brought them to our table.

This time the beef rendang was not very tender [chewy] and like the last visit's not very lemak - they ought to improve this dish... a typical Malay dish where it is used normally as a quality yardstick for Malay food. The deep fried fish was good with the flesh not overcooked and it went well with the belachan chilli and sweet nasi-lemak chilli. The sayur lodeh was a let-down as it was not temp-hot and the generous amount of tempeh was too chunky and quite tasteless. My wife loves the brinjal with the belachan chilli... soft on the inside. The snacks were just normal hawker standard and the drinks were just too diluted with ice.

Overall, the food is slightly above average and you must know which dishes to order to have a satisfying lunch out with friends or family members. The service is simple and good.... not bad as the prices are quite near hawker standard with aircon to boot.

If you are health-conscious, this place is not for you. - plenty of deep-fried food and full of coconut cream and chilli. Need to take a long break before taking more of these rich food.



14 Oct 2010 • 13 reviews • 0 follower

Authentic Malay Food - Aircon, Inexpensive and Good Food

Highly recommended by my Malay barber for good local Malay food where even the Malays love to go there. Took me some weeks to make it there today for lunch with a friend who was craving for nasi padang food at Zion Road. I vetoed the idea and opted for this place at Joo Chiat. Parking was a challenge around noon but fortunately after a short wait we found a lot just right in front of the restaurant.

Secured a table at the second floor aircon restaurant and then immediately went down to order our food. Ordered tauhu telor, selar fish stuffed with chilli, ayam with sweet dark soya/tomato/chilli sauce, beef rendang, 2 glasses of lime juice and 2 plates of rice. There is a wide selection of complimentary sauces to choose from : nasi lemak chilli, green cut chilli with onion strips, and belachan chilli. Paid about $24 for all and to my pleasant surprise, the waiter was quick to carry everything to our table.... nice and convenient.

The ayam dish was outstanding and the best of all the dishes, the tauhu telor was very good and cost only $4.50, selar fish was too plain and not enough kick i.e. not spicy enough. Beef rendang was not very lemak but tender and spicy. Lime juice was too watery. Didn't have a chance to try all the other dishes.... looked freshly prepared and delicious. Ordered an additional serving of rice at $0.70 and the waiter brought it to our table. On the way down the stairs, we saw a corner where you can pick up all kinds of Malay kuehs, deep fried snacks etc.... - too much for lunch, will not miss it the next time.

Overall, not bad for a quick and cosy lunch and it beats eating at a nasi padang place in a coffee shop where it is crowdedand hot. I would go back to try the other popular dishes on another day.

08 Sep 2009 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Kampung Style Food - Malay, Javanese, Sundanese, Boyanese and Padang Dishes under one roof!

I have to admit, i am definitely the last Malay wife to ever be cooking up a storm trying out Kampung dishes. Of all the Nasi Padang stalls/restaurants that i have gone to. Hajah Maimunah does a good job in having all the different dishes of Malay ethnic. Both chains are in Malay town in Geylang Serai (opposite Joo Chiat beside Hotel 81) and the other is in Kampung Glam (along Jalan Pisang opposite the Sultan Mosque). Excellent for tourists who wish to explore the Malay culture as well. The food spread is endless! The raves are definitely Lemak Siput(Sea snails cooked in coconut gravy), 4-5 types of grilled fish (include Jacket fish that tastes like chicken), Sundanese Bbq Chicken, Dendeng Belado (Beef Jerky in Chilli) and many more! Don't be disheartened by the queue, the servers are really fast. Price wise, can be steep if you eat in a single plate. I highly recommend to come in group and choose ala-carte so you can try different dishes. Oh do try the desserts... it is delicious!