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Get to experience an authentic Japanese charcoal-grill here at Hamanoya where seafood items are freshly imported from Japan. The restaurant has a great impeccable hospitality that could make it a more thumbs up place to dine.

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Semi Dried Salmon with Shiokouji
Semi Dried Salmon with Shiokouji
Semi Dried Chicken with Shiokouji
Semi Dried Chicken with Shiokouji
Egg with Mentaiko
Egg with Mentaiko
Assorted Skewer
Assorted Skewer

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Great Japanese Skewers and Grill

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 10

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Happend to be in the area and decided to check out Hamanoya. My friend had told me it was good, and I have to say I do agree. Their skewers and grilled offerings really blew me away. Very well done and cooked to perfection. I would definitely go back again.

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Worst yakitori ever

Total Reviews: 2

Poorly cooked yakitori, could be because we were the first few customers to order yakitori for lunch. Ordered the five different types of yakitori off the menu. The only saving grace for this place was the decent service and green tea.

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Surprising delicious for another Japanese Cuisine

Total Reviews: 316

Just passed by this eatery place, gave it a shot to have dinner at there.  By looking at the outlook & its menu, it doesn't look that the serving food will be bad at some level.

A good exposure for me to dine in after ordering so many dishes, couldn't finish some of them.  

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Affordable and quality food!

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 170

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Robatayaki is the more accurate to describe this concept of slow-grilled cooking of skewered food over hot charcoal. As such, when we were seated down, the waitress placed a small charcoal stove in front of us and placed two skewered squid and octopus over the seemingly non-existent "fire". She then told us that these were complimentary. Besides the happy thought of free food, I also thought that it actually was a great way to set the tone of the meal.  The complimentary Squid and Scallop skewer was really appetising with the burst of sweet and fresh scallop flavor. The squid was also succulent and delectable. The charcoal fire really brought out the aroma of seafood, making it simple yet tasty. 

The Assorted Skewers platter ($12.99)
 is a natural choice for first-timers who would like to try a variety of their skewers. The platter includes Chicken Yakitori, Chicken Wings, Pork Belly, Beef and Grilled Chicken Ball with Egg. My favorites are the Pork Belly and the Grilled Chicken Ball. I loved the flavors of the chicken ball as it was well marinated and had a nice texture. When it is dipped into the egg, the flavors met and made it more tasty. The meat of the skewers were well-cooked, tender and juicy.

Semi Dried Salmon with Shiokouji ($9.99) was our pick as the Salmon Belly had no more in stock! Thankfully, this salmon dish was good! I was afraid it would be too dry which may cause the salmon to lose its natural oil. I guess semi dry means the outer layer is more cooked liked seen in the picture below but, the inner layers are still kept juicy and nice. The salmon skin was also tasty and done well thanks to the grill.    What exactly is Shiokouji? Shiokouji is a Japanese live food rich in enzyme which is commonly used in place of salt as it lowers the salt content in food by 50%. In short, it makes a healthier marinade.

Rolled Egg (Tamago) with Mentaiko (about $6.99) was chosen because I really like egg and I really like Mentaiko! The prospect of these two favorites coming together was enough to tempt me. I ate this on my second visit there as well. But, I felt that the first time when I ate this it was better as there was more Mentaiko in the egg. The rolled egg was done perfectly both visually and texture wise. 

Overall, I would recommend Hamanoya for those seeking a different Japanese dining experience. From what I read, this concept of Robatayaki is quite unique in Singapore and is normally priced exorbitantly. I really liked the variety of food they offer from Sashimi, to grilled food and even hotpots. For the good service, quality of food and ambience, I would say that Hamanoya is definitely worth your try! 

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