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Review for Hansik Korean Family Restaurant (Heartland Mall)


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Address: #02-00, Heartland Mall-kovan, 205 Hougang Street 21, 530205
23 Oct 2013 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

Excellent food and service.


For photos:

We ordered the large BBQ mixed meat palette for S$60. No need to cook it yourself, the staff does that for you. There were pork belly, 3-layered pork and pork ribs (and maybe more but I was too busy stuffing myself). The pork ribs were the best. Extremely tender and juicy! But one bad thing about having someone cook for you is that the meat turns cold while you're still clearing the first batch.


There's a "set meal" option available when you order BBQ meat. For S$20, you get 1 soup, 1 salad, 1 dish, 1 rice and 1 dessert. For S$30, you get a slightly bigger portion of everything. For S$40, you get 2 of everything. We chose the S$40 option but we got 4 dessert (I don't know why).

Chicken salad (top left) and salmon salad (top right) came in a pretty big portion and were both good! I thought the chicken was really tasty.



Kimchi seafood pancake (bottom left) was quite a disappointment. I fell in love with seafood pancake in Korea and I've been trying to find a good one in Sg but so far, no luck. Spicy rice cake (ddeokbokki; 떡볶이) ( bottom right) was a littleeee too sweet for my liking but it was still very good. And I'm glad there wasn't the awful chilli powdery taste which is often found in the ddeokbokki in Sg.

Soft tofu stew (bottom left) and kimchi stew (bottom right) were both delicious. Soft tofu stew had a rather generous portion of seafood in it and kimchi stew had pork as companion.

The dessert! You can choose either ice cream (honeydew/mango/strawberry) or a sweet dessert drink (I can't remember much about this, I was in food coma by then). My friend commented that the strawberry ice cream tasted like strawberry flavoured Pocky and indeed, that familiar taste does remind me of Pocky.


The service and staff were excellent. After placing our order, the food arrived within 5 minutes, one after the other! I think this has to be the fastest service I've ever experienced. The head waiter/manager/man-in-black who served our table was really nice and patient.. even though while he was cooking, he accidentally flicked a piece of meat into my friend's bag. He was extremely apologetic after that so we tried to ask for a 50% discount hahaha.



Overall I've nothing but good things to say about my first dining experience in Hansik Korean Restaurant. Though the next time I'm back, I will definitely order less.

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