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Review for Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa (Resorts World Sentosa)


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09 Oct 2012 • 408 Reviews • 12 Followers

Rock ‘n’ Roll nostalgia

If not for K’s discount voucher we mightn’t have thought of dining here, ever! Another impetus was RWS felt so desolate with restaurants either already closed or about to. At almost 9pm on a weekday, Hard Rock Cafe was still bustling and we needn’t rush through dinner.

We zeroed in on the chili crab dip ($15, $12.75) which came with a choice of chinese buns or fresh corn tortilla chips. Naturally we opted for deep-fried mantou but since we were left with a huge portion of the delicious dip we ordered extra corn chips ($3, $2.55), and wiped it out to the last drop. It’s full of flavor without being overly spicy and there were even chunks of crabmeat.

The grilled chicken quesadilla ($20, $17) consisted of grilled chicken and pineapple tossed in a homemade tangy bar-b-que sauce with melted jack cheese, and stuffed in a chili-dusted tortilla. Served with freshly made salsa, guacamole and sour cream, the wrap was bursting at the seams with delectable filling while the edges were still a little crispy.

Even though we only ordered two starters and a serving of corn chips, we ended up so full we had to forgo desserts. Our meal sure was hearty and with classic Rock ‘n’ Roll music playing in the background (complete with MTV on the screen) I was reluctant to leave so soon. As we made our way out, we couldn’t help but stop to gawk at the stupendous display of costumes and musical instruments.

On the other hand, service was a tad slow. It took us several tries to get anyone’s attention and the restaurant wasn’t busy at all. Furthermore, it’s curious how the cashier computed the additional charges. Service charge was levied on the un-discounted figure ($38) but GST was levied on the discounted one ($32.30). Strange!

Total damage: $38.65 (15% voucher)
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