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Review for Hashi Japanese Restaurant


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22 Jul 2014 • 145 Reviews • 29 Followers

Sublime Japanese

With the wave of new openings showing no signs of slowing down in Singapore, it is somewhat refreshing to discover a restaurant that is not quite as fresh-faced bucking the hype trend - and doing what it does incredibly well. Indeed, there are not many restaurants in Singapore which deserve to wear that badge. However, it is without doubt that Hashi does.   Hidden underneath the shophouse residing OSO Ristorante of the very same group, it would be very easy to miss Hashi from the outside, especially seeing as the exterior belies the rather huge and visually impressive restaurant that is revealed within. With a super chic contemporary Japanese interior which exhibits a great level of attention to detail and graceful Japanese-speaking staff elegantly gliding along in traditional kimonos, it gives an indication of the calibre of things to come.   Helmed by internationally renowned Tadashi Takahashi, ex-Nobu Australia chef, despite his years creating fusion cuisines, Tadashi's heart remains firmly in his Kaiseki cuisine roots. For those not in the know, Kaiseki is a 16th century culinary art form harmonizing the taste, texture, appearance and colour of food presented in a traditional Japanese multi-course feast. Think of it like the super traditional and rather formal, high-brow cousin of Omakase.  
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