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Review for Hatched (Holland Village)


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Address: 267 Holland Avenue, 278989
18 Sep 2013 • 30 Reviews • 4 Followers

Hatched @ Holland Village

This is a review adapted from my blog. The full review can be read here:

The meals that Hatched offer are not the usual egg fare which you find elsewhere. Thoroughly western style, you get the eggs poached, boiled, scrambled, fried, baked or in omelette from the menu. Kids would have loved to be here with such many choices of egg-ish delights! And to be even kids friendly, the meals are named with that thought in line. Try yelling dishes like Smoked Benedict and Caesar On The Run out loud, and you will giggle beyond yourself. Just give in to your inner child and enjoy!


If you bring along a friend who is not an egg enthusiast (that would be weird), Hatched has something for them as well. Just flip to the sweet egg section, where desserts are offered or Friends-of-Egg, where other non-egg choices cater to the aforementioned non-enthusiasts.


I personally recommend Beef Pot Pie (SGD18) - a delightful offering from Scrambling Sam for scrambled and beef lovers! A true delight, the generous serving of scrambled egg covered a surprise below, a hollowed out bun which served as a container for beef pie. Tip the bun over to let the pie's gravy and slices of beef flow out, then mix with scrambled egg to start your day. Nothing could be better than dark gravy spiced up with black pepper blending into scrambled and filling your mouth!


Do not be surprised if you see a throng of people wander around Hatched - these are diners waiting for their seats. It is recommended that diners arrive early for brunch rather than lunch as the crowd could overflow the meager space in the cafe. With space at such a premium, diners could get too intimate with the patron seated at the next table.

Recommended for
Breakfast, Brunch, Children/Family, Vibrant/Noisy
Average Spend
$35 for 2 pax
  • Beef Pot Pie
  • Oozy Baked Egg
  • egg shaped salt and pepper shaker
  • chalkboard on one side of the wall
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