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Review for Hatched (Holland Village)


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Address: 267 Holland Avenue, 278989
28 Dec 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

First time experience = not impressed.


I dined in with friends last night. I walked by this outlet many times, the concept seemed simple and interesting enough, the decor was pretty hip and obviously to appeal to the younger crowd. After having passed this place numerous times, I finally had the chance to dine in. 


I like the decor... It's simple, rustic, casual and pretty cosy. 
No one greeted us, we had to shuffle in ourselves, find a table and sit ourselves down, before we were presented with menus by a uninterested server. No "Hi" or "Welcome". Water's were served right away, so I'll give them some points for "service" there. But that's pretty much it.



Extensive choice, there's something for pretty much everyone. Even if you aren't an "egg" person (Firstly, why go there if you aren't) there is something for you. 


I had the Egg's Benedict, my friends had the Salmon Papillote & Tortilla Espanola and we shared the Nutella crepe. I can't speak much for what my friends had, but the dish presentation was uninspired, one of the dishes had a tomatoe with some sort of pesto on top of it, and it was dripping with oil. Unappealing. My egg's benedict was NOT worth the $19 it cost. Firstly, my eggs were cold. I used to work in a kitchen before, I know poached eggs can be cooked ahead of time, and then just quickly dunked into hot water for a few second to rewarm them before serving there. I felt I was served poached eggs that were cooked way ahead of time and not even given the courtesy of even both to rewarm them. Yes, my eggs were not warm, but cold. I'll give them credit the hollandaise sauce was nice, but stingy. You see the pictures of what the egg's benedict looks like, but when you get them, there's barely a tablespoon worth of sauce on top of the eggs, to describe it the sauce is meant to drip down, but there wasn't even enough sauce to reach there. I'll given them points for the bacon being crispy. There's nothing worse then going to a place, especially to a place that specializes in "breakfast" that serves chewy bacon, but no, their bacon was crispy.


Terrible. I counted, there were 6 "waiters" who spent nearly the whole time just chilling behind the counter. And pretty much doing the bare minimum for service. Water wasn't refilled. We had to request for cutleries as it was not given. They weren't busy. Any capable waiters, and they would only need 2 of them to handle the place, I don't understand why the management needs to put 6 waiters to slack around. The few contacts with the server was just plain uninspired. I don't ask for much, but a simple smile, or at least a sign of interest of being there.



The ambience is there, the food choice is there, but the delivery of food quality and service was just such a turnoff, I wouldn't go back, and I wouldn't recommend this place.

Spend $74 on 3 meals, and 1 dessert no drinks. Not worth it. You can spend that $74 on a decent meal elsewhere!

Average Spend
$74 for 3 pax
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