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Hatter Street

Hatter Street is a bakery and cafe serving comfort foods influenced by Asian culinary traditions. Cuisine is inspired by '''The Hatters"passion, creativity and spontaneity of Hatters life story, the food served, and the customer.

Tue - Sun: 13:00 - 22:00

Closed: Mon

+65 69884591
$11 based on 15 submissions
High Tea (5 votes), Brunch (3 votes), Nice Deco (3 votes)

quite good waffles

1st visit to hatter street, ordered the 2 waffles - chocolate & vanilla... vanilla waffles is nice but the chocolate waffles, the chocolate ice-cream does not taste very nice... place is quite small but have nice decor... 

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Pandan ice-cream with Gula Melaka Whoaffles5 votes
  • It’s So Kumquat3 votes
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Whoaffle with Salted Caramel3 votes
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Based on 15 votes
18 Oct 2014 • 45 reviews • 6 followers

quite good waffles

1st visit to hatter street, ordered the 2 waffles - chocolate & vanilla... vanilla waffles is nice but the chocolate waffles, the chocolate ice-cream does not taste very nice... place is quite small but have nice decor... 
11 Aug 2014 • 340 reviews • 3 followers

Divine Waffles to be had!

Having heard of this cafe for sometime, and wondering about their much-raved about desserts, we finally headed down yesterday after visiting some clients in the vicinity. Being a strictly desserts-only cafe / bakery, it was understandable that they only open from 1.00pm onwards.

Bearing an adorable interior with cats painted onto the walls, and other pretty ornaments strewn around, one quickly forgets that they are in a HDB estate cafe. The girls are friendly and the small cafe had delicious smells of waffles wafting through it.

In the end we decided to try one of their specialities - waffles (named "Whoaffles" herein). I opted for the vanilla one (SGD$8.90) as it came with salted caramel sauce. The waffles were amazing - crispy on the outside and then it just melted on the tongue like molasses. It was not too sweet, but the flavor was enhanced by the creamy vanilla ice-cream and my favorite salted caramel sauce. It was seriously good, we were tempted to get another one

We also tried a Kumquet (lemon) Tart (SGD$6.00) that came with a buttery, crunchy crust filled with a delicious sweet-sour lemony center lined with sweet cream. It was a refreshing dessert that perked up a sleepy and dull weekday afternoon.

For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:

10 Aug 2014 • 9 reviews • 0 follower

Nice neighbourhood cafe

This place is worth to hang out over a dessert. The kumquat tart was very nice, I think I can eat a few of them. We order a panda ice cream waffles, but the name was misleading. The waffles is just waffles with vanilla icecream, there is no pandan taste. The panda taste is just the sauce, but it is crispy and delicious. The bottle tea's designs are uniquely and pretty but there are no distinct tea taste.
Whoa’ffles, $8.90
27 Jul 2014 • 147 reviews • 6 followers

Interesting desserts

My girlfriends and I stay in the North area, so we were excited to learn that Hatter Street has opened in Kovan. However, Hatter Street is more of a dessert cafe. As such, my girlfriends and I came over after our lunch at Nakhon Kitchen.

And the cafe was packed when we walked over for desserts at 2pm. We were fortunate to have a table cleared for us within 10 minutes.

And from the menu, we ordered:-

1) Whoa’ffles, $8.90 – Of the 3 flavours, we went with pandan ice cream with gula melaka sauce. Instead of the typical (grid) waffle, we were presented with a bigger version of the liege waffle. Which was good news as I liked liege waffles for its denser and chewier texture. While ice cream was dense and creamy, I could barely taste the pandan from the ice cream.

2) Smoked sawdust pudding, $5 – When this was served, the staff proceeded to open the jar for us. And the first thing we noticed was the smoke. The staff went on to explain that the dessert is created to resemble our praying experience at the temple. Thus, the smoke which escaped the jar when it’s opened. I think it’s pretty creative as they took it further such that we could even taste the smokey scent in the ‘sawdust’. But of course, eating too much of the ‘sawdust’ did feel a little empty on the tongue.

3) Oh-my 天, $7.50 – Cookies & cream brownie with that “oh! Oh! Orbo” ice cream. I did not like this. Somehow, the texture reminded me very much of moon cake.

4) Cafe Latte, $4.50

If one is in the area and is looking for a place to go to for part 2, do drop by Hatter Street for their waffles and innovative ‘smoked sawdust pudding’! I suggest having a nice Thai lunch at Nakhon Kitchen before having desserts at Hatter Street which is a small cafe concentrating on desserts.

PS : I am a blogger too! Lifestyle blogFood Blog
Pandan Ice Cream with Gula Melaka
20 Jun 2014 • 32 reviews • 0 follower

Little Hidden Gem near Kovan MRT

For more photos and full review, click here

Their waffle is exceptionally crispy and yet the inside remain moist. I find caramel sauce quite sweet most of the time but not for Hatter’s salted caramel. There is a good balance between the sweet and salty taste that goes perfectly with the waffle.

There’s no complain for their ice-cream. It’s rich, creamy and good till the last drop. At a price of $8.50, this should be among the best waffles (in term of taste + value) that i had.