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(Closed) Heaven's Loft


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Perched high above the city's shopping belt in Orchard Central, Heaven's Loft serves a fusion of american dishes with french-inspired presentation. For chilling out, diners can choose from a range of epicurean desserts and beverages.

Mon to Fri: 11.30am - 10.30pm, Sat and Sun: 11.30am - 1.00am

+65 68849505
$29 based on 24 submissions
Chillout (10 votes), Quiet (8 votes), After Work (7 votes)
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Jackie Yay

Music Heaven

A treat from a friend and he suggested Heaven's Loft, I was excited as I heard much about it but haven't go the the chance to try it. My friend was late so I decided to find a seat inside as my heels were killing me. I asked for a outdoor seat (because honestly, the indoors didn't appeal to me. It looks normal and didn't smell good). I had a seat quite near to the stage and I was told that there will be a live band that night. The service was good, waiters seem shy but when I ask for help, they are attentive.

I had a basil pesto pasta and my friend had a mushroom pasta. (Pesto was about $21 and mushroom was about $24) According to him, his was good but mine was a little too oily. Oh well, he argued that it's a oil-based pasta. Yes but it's still too oily for my liking, but good enough for the money paid. The serving's a good amount and we both were too full to have desserts after that. Desserts do look good though, will have to try it some time soon.

Apart from the food, I think the biggest draw point that made my day was the band. It was seriously damn good and we refused to leave. They play more of classics and slow songs which was great. Sadly but true is that the smaller crowd is a draw for me to this place. I went there at about seven in the evening on a Saturday night and managed to get a good seat by the stage.

Other than Saturdays, there are live bands on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The HGW community like this place for...

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  • Beef Cheeks1 vote
  • Chocolate mud pie1 vote
  • Crab Pasta1 vote
  • Ice Cream haha1 vote
  • Mango turkey sandwich1 vote
  • Pear Temptation1 vote
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14 Mar 2011 • 27 reviews • 0 follower

Nothing to rave

Went there for late lunch with my bf. Shared a beer battered fish and chips and a desert. Nothing to rave about for the fish and chips, kind of expensive too.

I cant remember the name of the desert, but those warm chocolate cake with a scoop of villina ice cream kind. I would prefer a plain vanilla ice cream as compared to the one with nuts in it. And the cake is quite small. Not too bad in taste, but the ice cream spoils it. I don't have enough ice cream to eat with the cake towards the end.

Overall, limited in the food they have and its quite expensive

03 Jan 2011 • 10 reviews • 34 followers

Not that bad a place after all

The low rating of Heaven's Loft worried me before I visited where a friend had planned a surprise gathering for another of our friends.

I think the best thing about the place is that they were most accommodating of our large group, allowing us to hang around as we stayed for awhile. The food itself is on the expensive side and nothing extraordinary but decent in any case.

I must note that I ordered the Chocolate Mudcake (which cost about $5) and to my disappointment it was not very much of a mudcake but merely brownie, and a very expensive brownie at that so be warned before ordering!

04 Oct 2010 • 65 reviews • 0 follower

Leisurely and affordable brunch

I rarely venture to Orchard Central as the place doesn't quite attract me. Recently, I passed by Heaven's Loft while going to Victoria Peak restaurant and the weekend brunch caught my attention. At $26++ per pax or $52++ per couple, it's certainly one of the cheapest brunch in town.

This brunch is half ala carte and half buffet style. Each customer is allowed to choose one egg dish and one mains. Coincidentally, N and I chose the eggs royale, which consists of poached eggs, smoked salmon and brioche topped with hollandaise sauce. The eggs were quite perfect, with runny yolk and pricked into. The hollandaise sauce was a little tasteless,needs abit more salt perhaps? For mains, chose the mango turkey sandwich while N had the chicken wrap with nachos. The foccacia bread was cold and oily, I ended up eating the mango slices and turkey. The combination was not bad, though nothing to wow about. N did not comment on her wrap so I reckon it was just passable. On the buffet table, there are selections of salad greens and soups, as well as a dessert table. The salads were very fresh and crisp. However, the soups left little to be desired. Both the clam chowder and mushroom soup tasted like very bad canned soup. Yucks!

In my understanding, Heaven's Loft pride itself for their desserts. It's a pity I didn't find anything spectacular in the dessert selection found on the buffet table. The berry cheesecake was barely passable, and the mudcake was simply a brownie (suspiciously like the instant mix type). The scones looked hard and unappetising, so we didn't try any. The very bright green icing on top of the cupcakes scared us off as well.

The place was sadly empty despite being a saturday afternoon. I guess that also says alot about the quality of food here. Location wise, OC is alot quieter than places like Ion and Takashimaya, so that could have contributed to the crowd factor. For the price of the buffet, I am not complaining, but I doubt I will be back again.

  • Turkey Mango Sandwich