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(Closed) Hill Top Japanese Restaurant


Located at Jurong Bird Park on Jurong Hill, Hill Top Japanese Restaurant offers a wide range of Japanese cuisine food. Customers have the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with this scenic restaurant that offers a great view with your teppenyaki.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:30

+65 62663522
$36 based on 46 submissions
Dinner (21 votes), Hidden Find (15 votes), After Work (11 votes)
Aaron Loy

closed. dangit.

To bad the owners don't have a facebook page / website to keep us updated.

are they shifting? closing indefinitely? changine names??

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Teriyaki Chicken5 votes
  • beef2 votes
  • Prawns1 vote
  • Salmon special1 vote
  • Scallops1 vote
  • Teppanyaki1 vote
  • Teppanyaki Scallops1 vote
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Based on 46 votes
12 Sep 2014 • 36 reviews • 18 followers

closed. dangit.

To bad the owners don't have a facebook page / website to keep us updated.

are they shifting? closing indefinitely? changine names??
28 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


Very upset that e place was closed for an indefinite time.  And no idea if there is relocation.  Been there many times n quite alot of memories there. .. 
24 May 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower


Just went there & it's closed No indication when it will re-open A sad day for all Tepanyaki lover
14 Dec 2013 • 73 reviews • 4 followers

Tranquil surroundings

For more details, please head to

Once again, I'm back at my favourite Hill Top Japanese Restaurant.
Facing the entrance, turn left for Japanese dining and right for Indonesian dining.The interior of the Japanese restaurant strongly mimics a traditional Japanese tearoom. It's a really beautiful, and comfortable atmosphere to rest or even have an informal meeting with colleagues or clients.
Ten Zaru SGD$12.00
This delicious cold soba is genuinely authentic from Japan. With a slightly cracked pigeon egg at the centre of the noodles, it is apparently a raw pigeon egg that you are supped to eat with the soba. Of course, I couldn't stand the idea of eating a raw egg, and didn't try it.Here's a close-up of the raw egg, go on and eat it brave soldier!The Ten Zaru also comes along with fried Ebi prawns, it was fresh and delicious but the size was rather small.It isn't as oily as I thought it would be, and I guess they have dried the oil pretty well!

Teryiyakii Beef Ramen - SGD$9.00
This isn't as good as I expect it would be, the beef was tender and delicious but the soup wasn't thick enough. The noodles were springy but causes me to feel full after awhile.

Garlic Rice - SGD$4.20
One of the best garlic rice ever eaten! I could eat it plainly simply like this, its' really delicious and also quite filling with just one bowl.

Agedashi Dofu (Tofu) - SGD$6.00
It was a rather disappointing side dish because the glutinous texture of the skin was gross, chewy and drips off like a sticky glue. The tofu was rather soft and smooth, but the skin didn't fit it at all. I wouldn't recommend the Agedashi Dofu if you're particular about the skin!

Katsu Don - SGD$10.00
This katsu don is really worth every penny, the portion was huge and the restaurant was extremely generous with the chicken. The rice, topped with Japanese sweet sauce, was a heavenly match with my taste buds! The rice, sticky and chewy, went really well with the fresh chicken.

In conclusion, not every menu item is consistently delicious; and the service there was alright, nothing too fanciful but not poor at all.  
14 Sep 2012 • 53 reviews • 5 followers

Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Western....

This restuarant serves Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Western food. A little hard to find if you do not know the place well. Up the hill from the Bird Park, a small carpark. Do not use the stairs that goes to the look out point. Use the side path that leads you to a small entrance, climb the stairs and you are there. If you come at night, climb up the look out point to get a view of the lights and fire of Jurong island.

Japanese food is pretty decent here. The set meals are resonably priced.

But we usually come here for the Indonesian food. Tauhu telor is so so - looks like a flat omelette with cucumber strips. This presentation is unlike most other indonesian restuarant where the tauhu telor is usually a towering thing drenched in prawn paste with carrots/cucumber strips. Chicken in prawn paste sauce is good. So are the otah, garlic kai lan, sotong in black sauce. Satay is $1 per stick - more meat than the usual satay. But it tasted like the meat is deep-fried rather than cooked on a grill. Mee goreng is nicely done with the right amount of moisture and spiciness. The sambal balachan is "smelly" enough and tasted really good with the rice and food. Overall, a good place for a meal if you are in this area of Jurong.

This place does get crowded during lunch time. Service is quite good - most service staff dressed in yellow polo shirt and will repond quickly.