38 Seah Street, 188394
Asian, Chinese
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Located along Seah Street, Hock Lam Street Popular Beef Kway Teow (Seah St) serves delicious beef kway teow in a coffeeshop style.

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tired decor
tired decor
noodles with beef slices, tripe and balls
noodles with beef slices, tripe and balls
kway teow with sliced beef, tripe and tendons
kway teow with sliced beef, tripe and tendons

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Beefy goodness in a bowl

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 408

I was racking my brain where to eat when suddenly this place sprang to mind. Since K had no objection to some beef noodles, we headed here for an early dinner.

My order was a bowl of dry noodles with beef slices, tripe and balls. While the balls were nothing to shout about, the slices were pretty tender and well marinated. I really enjoyed the tender tripe, which had a nice crunchy texture. As for the gravy, it was adequately thick and savory with chunks of peanuts but I'd have liked more preserved mustard.

K, as usual went for something with soup and had kway teow with sliced beef, tripe and tendons. I tried some of the broth and found it to be flavorful but the best was the tendons. Being mucilaginous, they were delightfully chewy.

The chili sauce was a good accompaniment while the chinchalok was even better. This pungent condiment, made from fermented shrimp, was mildly briny, tangy and magically elevated the meat to a whole new level of complex flavors.

Since we were the only diners, our noodles arrived very fast and service was decent. It's a convenient location and we'd certainly be back for more beefy goodness.

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Underwhelming example of Beef noodles.... Should have gone for Swee Kee chicken rice instead..

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 74

After arriving for an early dinner before a night at the theatre, I ordered a beef kway teow soup with beef brisket, balls and slices. Boy, was I disappointed.

Honestly, it baffled me when my meal arrived in a cheapo plastic bowl with the label 'Makanmakan Katong'. Ingredients were rather spare considering that I paid S$6. It was also not particularly yummy. It pretty much reminded me of a poor imitation AND MSG-laden version of Vietnamese pho. I suspect that they used soy sauce to add flavour rather than boiling beef bones. The beef itself did not seem particularly fresh or appetising.

It is a surprising conclusion for me because this is the signature, supposedly "famous" dish of this eatery and yet it is so lacklustre. Definitely not interested in going to back to try their 'dry' version.

There were no customers, so the wait staff were sitting there reading newspapers leisurely in plain sight of diners. I'd truly rather eat a great bowl of pho- cleaner in taste and great to add herbs to it! The decor of this place looks really tired and worn out. It looks like it was done on the cheap and is thus falling apart.

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Best Beef Kway Teow by far

Total Reviews: 3

This famous beef kway teow has been passed down through generations and the taste and quality has always maintained. Oodles of chewy noodles drenched generously with dark tasty sauce and tender thin slices of perfectly marinated beef makes every mouthful a delight. Not forgetting the tiny bits of salted vegetables, chopped nuts and bean sprouts mixed together with a squeeze of zesty lime provides a burst of flavour in every bite. The soup stock that comes by the side has no doubt been boiled for hours with beef and is really tasty and nutritious. Absolutely worth coming back for more!

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