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Review for Hogs Bar Restaurant


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06 Jun 2014 • 296 Reviews • 15 Followers

Great place for hangover food

Ocean Kingdom Seafood Restaurant is no more (as is the Cider Pit). In it's place, Hog's Bar - "a biker- and non-biker-friendly" bar and restaurant that serves what you'd expect bikers would eat, plus lattes. This, then, is a great place for hangover food until 3pm - here is the bacon Benedict ($14), with poached eggs and nicely toasted muffins. The American Breakfast ($20) is a monstrous plate of pancake, homemade chicken nuggets, potato hash, bacon steak (tastes like bak kwa) and three scrambled eggs, while the salty (but good) homemade corned beef and potato hash ($16) could use some slices of toast. There are ten TV screens showing sports, and a pool table, if you need to stretch a little. The menu switches to one with a big selection of burgers after 3pm.
Must Tries
The american breakfast, homemade corned beef and potato hash
Recommended for
After Work, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Chillout, Supper
Average Spend
$50 for 2 pax
  • Bacon benedict
  • Pool table
  • American breakfast
  • homemade corned beef and potato hash
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