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Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant


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Located at the 9th floor of M Hotel, Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant specialises in Japanese cuisine. The restaurant believes in using fresh Hokkaido seafood and ingredients that are flown in from Japan almost on a daily basis.

Daily: 11:30 - 14:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

$70 based on 37 submissions
Dinner (17 votes), Lunch (14 votes), Quiet (14 votes)
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To Hokkaido And Back In An Hour!

Haha maybe a little more lah!

Here’s the newest baby of Chef Thomas of Tomo Fine Dining. With a Japanese restaurant so confidently named Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, you’re already almost guaranteed the freshest seafood all year round where an entire menu is built around the lush seafood this region is known for. HSR just opened to the public last Sat 26th July, and of coz I had to go! ASAP!

Most of HSR’s supplies come directly from the Sapporo Central Fish Market, Hokkaido, which means they bypass the main supplier, and accordingly the produce about 40% cheaper (I think that’s what Chef Thomas told me and you know how expensive Hokkaido stuff is!). The sushi counter seats 20 and it is partitioned from the main dining area (like Tomo) to provide privacy. There’s also a teppanyaki room which accomodates up to 20, as well as 3 private rooms available for private dining and intimate gatherings. It’s the biggest sushi restaurant in Singapore to date, and to authenticate the menu, Chef Thomas is bringing in his Hokkaido Chef all the way from Hokkaido (where else?) this week.

Of coz I went omakase this visit and was very well fed by Chef Thomas. :) I had a trio of bi-color corn, horenso ohitashi and dried fish snack for otoshi, then the sweetest kegani (hairy crab) that’s in season now. I especially love love…the kegani “miso”. This is the crab roe that’s so deliciously creamy and rich it melted like butter in the mouth. Like crab butter!

My sashimi platter was as pretty as a portrait. The stunning palette consisted of expertly sliced shima aji, salmon belly, yummy and fatty, crunchy fresh tsubugai (sea whelk), sweet ama ebi and voluptuously milky botan ebi. The aji tataki was sans its usual fishiness and when showered with shungiku (perfumed chrysanthemum leaves), tasted so marvelously clean. Otoro when seared, all the flavors came to life where the oils melted to that perfect state of juiciness.

Chawanmushi was made even more delightful with every burst of ikura oils; the simmered abalone mushrooms came soft and spongy. Gyu somen was bouncy and the broth naturally sweetened with dashi. Dessert(S) yes desserts, were a slice of sweet furano melon and as per my request a scoop of Tomo’s delish goma ice cream. Oh soo…dee…licious!

Every produce was soo…soo….excellent but the best thing that happened to me that visit was the Hokkaido Don Chef Thomas specially (thank you Chef!) prepared for me. This is like a baby chirashi but I swear it’s got to be the most luxurious I’ve ever eaten! My dream chirashi! It’s mini coz of the petite portion of tasty sushi rice below, but the seafood crown was so bountiful I could almost see the whole of Hokkaido floating on top! There’s negitoro, aji tataki, sweet scallops, a raw shrimp, glistening ikura pearls and so very very much aka uni!...all topped with kizami nori (shredded seaweed) and gooey tororo. It’s so thrilling to swirl everything up coz the Japanese yam just binds them altogether like magic. Oh! I savored the aka uni sashimi on its own though coz I felt it’s such a waste to mix in the sweet sea urchin roe!

At one point I got so excited over this one piece of sushi that Jack-san insisted that I “must… must have”, I devoured immediately as it came! And guess what I actually forgot to snap a picture! :( It’s really a pity coz the aburi swordfish was such a novel and beautiful number. The sushi was a stroke of creativity that went down very well. It’s lightly showered with some spicy pepper, seared to perfection, and crowned with slices of raw garlic then dabbed with a sweetish sauce. The juicy fish was infused with such a seductive smokey flavor. Simply awesome! And to think I didn’t like swordfish in the past! Hmm…I think now the only way to get me to eat mekajiki is to have it done aburi-style. :)

There are set menus available for both lunch and dinner with reasonable prices to boot. The teppanyaki sets look very appealing too with many options for meat or seafood courses. Otherwise, be like me. Just sit at the sushi counter and wait to be fed good food! :)

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26 Jan 2015 • 1971 reviews • 260 followers

Very Good Value

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant is currently offering a really good value promotion for those who book online. An old school setting that plays the oldies, the place serves a wide menu with alcohol to match.

This six course festive promotion which usually goes for $115 is now available at just $68 for dinner, which is really good deal. Now here's the sweetener - the waitress advised me that even with this deal the portions are too large for one to handle, and at a recent visit, that proved to be true as the two of us were full from just sharing one portion.

The meal started with the chilled pita tofu to open up the palette.

This was quickly followed by fresh salmon, tuna and yellowtail sashimi.

The third course was a fried squid, with a tinge of salted egg yolk for a pretty tasty treat.

Next was the tempura course of a large fresh prawn with two mushrooms.

This was then followed by a grilled Gin Karei - a flat fish that does not have a fishy after-taste.

Next was the unagi don, or grilled eel on Japanese rice and a side of miso soup.

By now I was pretty full, but there was still three different makis to try.

I actually ordered a side of chirashi don to share with my dining partner but the restaurant was kind enough to cancel it when they realised that I could not even finish a course meant for one between the two of us. Now that's a sign of real good value.

23 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

excellent food, superb service

found this restaurant through HGW, and I think it's a very good recommendation. The food was very delicious, especially the sashimi & tempura.
14 Dec 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worst service ever

Went for dinner with family -- 4 adults 2 kids. Ordered a la carte for kids, sets for adults. Asked for kids food to be served first. Reminded staff each time 1 course arrived. We were into 3rd course of 6 course set before 1 item arrived. By 4th course still no sign of other kid's food. Told that it was delivered to wrong table. Ay 5th course the food arrived but wrong item (despite confirmation before ordering). Absolutely no attempt at service recovery. Totally spoilt our mood as we were there for a celebration. Disappointed.