#01-05, Jumbo Coffee Hub, 19A Dover Crescent, 131019
Asian, Chinese
+65 67783691

Daily: 11:30 - 14:00

Daily: 17:00 - 23:00

$9 based on 51 submissions

Located along Dover Crescent, this stall is famous for the XO fish head bee hoon.

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S$10 san lo hor fun
S$10 san lo hor fun
S$10 fried kai lan
S$10 fried kai lan
Stuck up lady owner with the husband at the back of the counter
Stuck up lady owner with the husband at the back of the counter
White cabbage, a few chunks of fish and bee hoon
White cabbage, a few chunks of fish and bee hoon
Store Front
Store Front

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Very Good Dinner on 6Feb2016

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 375

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wife & daughter wanted to have zi char dinner.

daughter had just been to wah chee dover, and wife & i had just been to hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记 at commonwealth crescent.

we decided to try holland village XO fish head bee hun (on 6.2.2016). i had takeawy from here about 1 year ago. ^^

the coffeeshop was quite crowded at 6.45pm on friday evening.

a medium fish head bee hoon is S$10. to add XO, S$2 more.

it was very good though, very tasty, slightly intense, reminded us of uncle leong’s crab bee hoon (even though it was really no comparison…uncle leong’s was just soooo good!).

taste wise it was a lot better than  hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记. a simple dish yet quite different satisfaction taste wise.

but hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记 gave large pieces of meat even for the S$6 bowl. here it was a lot too but mostly bones.

it was too troublesome & tiring for me. next time i will just order sliced fish.

the fried kai lan was excellent!

so fragrant, super wok hae! ^^

san lo hor fun was very good too.

really, these 2 quite basic dishes the satisfaction quite different la.. for these 2 dishes i will come back here & not old chun kee.

the HDB ghim moh edge apartments looked really nice like private condos – the veiw from where we were sitting at the coffeeshop.

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Terrible service and average food

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Adding on to the already many, many reviews on how terrible the service and average the food here is, so will keep it short. Just want to make sure that nobody suffers and gets cheated here again. Agree especially with Lindan below that the owners act like hooligans. Suitable if u think life has been too good to u and so u're looking for abuse. 

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Boss, wife and daughter behave like hooligans.

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

It was supposedly a catch up on local food after 3 months overseas. A family dinner turns out to be the most horrible experience. The boss and daughter are extremely rude when taking order. When I specifically ordered Dish A, I was given Dish B. When I flagged out to their staff that I did not order Dish B, the daughter came and took Dish B to her father, I heard some yelling by her father and she returned to insist that I had ordered Dish B. And that Dish A is not available, asked me if I like to have Dish C or Dish D. Somehow my family members felt threatened by her piercing eyes and hooligan style that we accepted the wrong  Dish B.

The serving is small, presentation is poor and food doesn't taste authentic. 

I was warned before on the boss, wife and daughter's rudeness and about their tricks of overcharging by delivery Small portion while charging customers at Large portion prices. Simply put, ordering identical dishes on two occasions eventually turn out being charged different prices. If you are not careful, you get scolding as well. I suspect they have learnt to protect their poor ethics by collecting full payment from customers upon ordering and not giving receipts. In this way, customers can only blame themselves for choosing to eat here. What to do?

To sum up, horrible service, poor food standard, absolute ripped off, and a bad portrayal of Singapore Hawker Food Scene. A Zhi char stall run by a gangster family. being a frequent traveler, i hope tourists will never step here, this hawker will put a shame on Singapore.

Locals should not step here too, you will lose appetite.

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Horrible stall owners. Group of 6 pax and above will get good attitude otherwise expect to suffer

Value 3
Total Review: 1

Food is so-so and expensive. Extremely bad attitude from the stall owners. Scolding patrons and will whack you in Chinese "你不高兴不要吃啦!"  If you want to SPOIL your day then you can choose to go. I wI'll never want to go to this stall. Not even to the coffee shop. 

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