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Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia

Located along Telok Blangah Drive, this stall serves Chicken Feet Noodles.

Sat - Thu: 07:00 - 19:00

Closed: Fri

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29 Mar 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

over rated noodle

fair noodle n plain wanton soup, not so tasty like e reviews showing there. disappointed. auntie seems to be in a impatient manner. Onli nice part is e bbq pork..
28 Mar 2009 • 436 reviews • 32 followers

Hong Ji Mian s*** Jia

Loosely translated as Hong Ji Noodle House, the signature dish of this stall is char siew wonton noodles. For a relatively cheap price of $2.50, you get a substantial amount of thin egg noodles topped with char siew and chye sim, as well as a bowl of wontons in soup.

The best element of this dish had to be the thin, springy egg noodles tossed in a delicious dark sauce. The slightly charred char siew was promising, but the meat was sliced too thinly. Even worse were the wontons. All that could be tasted was the wonton skin and the minced pork filling, which was merely the size of a pinhead. Conclusion: Great noodles, but the overall dish was a disappointment with the measly wontons and toppings.