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Hong Mei Western Delight (Bedok North)

Located at Bedok North Avenue 2, Hong Mei Western Delight specialises in western food.
Daily: 1.30pm - 11.00pm
+65 90275437
$6 based on 17 submissions
Cheap Eat/Budget (4 votes), After Work (3 votes), Dinner (3 votes)

Affordable and good

The black peppered chops are good. I especially like the pork chop version. Not too tough on the teeth. Gotta try them if you like grounded black pepper like me.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Grilled stuff (chops) if on restricted diet2 votes
  • Chicken1 vote
  • Fish & Chips1 vote
  • Fish and Pork Cutlets1 vote
  • Lamb Chop1 vote
  • but ask for rice instead of fries.1 vote
  • chicken cutlet1 vote
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Based on 17 votes
03 Mar 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Affordable and good

The black peppered chops are good. I especially like the pork chop version. Not too tough on the teeth. Gotta try them if you like grounded black pepper like me.
10 Mar 2009 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Gone On Holiday, they'll be back 17March09

Hi Foodies,

The owners of Hong Mei Western Delights at Bedok will be away on a short holiday, from 09 March 09 to 16 March 09. Business will resume on the 17th, so please come try their cooking. Since they're away, I can't take any photos as yet :D

Needless to say, my teenagers are counting the days till Jeffrey and Janet get back.
05 Mar 2009 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

The Most Delicious and CHEAP Western Food

To the 3 reviewers who mentioned the Nice Uncle and Aunty ... Their NAMES are Jeffrey and Janet. *wide grin*

My family of four go to Hong Mei Western Delight for our weekend fix of western food. I have also brought overseas visitors (from England and America) as well as local friends for dinner, and EVERY ONE OF THEM enjoyed Jeffrey's dishes. Janet is an obliging sweetheart who is very chatty, kind-hearted and tries to take care of everyone she meets *giggle*

Their food does not only taste fantastic, but the prices are also VERY reasonable and the service is of course, most excellent. Where can you get a dish of chicken cutlet (or 1 pork chop, or a piece of fish) with rice for less than $3? I love the fact that they have mix-n-match dishes, which came about, I believe, from the numerous customers unable to make up their mind which dish they love most ... *grin* Janet and Jeffrey are most obliging, happily catering to those who want their western food with RICE. I am one of those.

The chicken and pork chops are pretty good, and the accompanying sauce is so tasty, it left two of my English friends licking their fingers and digging them into the sauce bowl to finish what was left. I prefer their cutlets - chicken, pork and fish, and lamb chops, all with rice, of course. One of the reviewers likes Janet's mayo, and yes, so do we. Absolutely fattening, but OH SO YUMMY. They make their mayo themselves by the way.

Its a good place to bring visitors for a meal which won't burn a hole in your pocket. My family of four doesn't spend more than $20, and mind you, I have hungry teenagers who eat A LOT. Eating at Jeffrey and Janet's Western Food is helluva lot CHEAPER than having a meal at McDonald's or KFC. You have to try their food. Its really, really value for money and best of all, the food is DELICIOUS.

Photos will be uploaded once I've gone for my weekend fix .. it has never occurred to me to photograph them, but I shall do it this weekend.
06 Nov 2008 • 130 reviews • 67 followers

Hainanese cool is that

After reading reviews about this stall I just had to give it a try. Biscuit battered fish and chips at a a cheap price and in the east!! yay. After a tiring day at work i managed to convince my bf to head there with me since we were both peckish for western food and not spending all of our remaining savings.

Parking was pretty hard to find, we went round n round before we were lucky to get a spot a few metres neaby(there is a multistorey carpark behind but lazy me didnt wanna park there). We found the stall, and immediately knew what we were going to get. I wanted both fish n chicken so i got the fish and chicken cutlet combo @ $5.50. Bf got the lamb chops @ $5.50 too. Now that is what i call value for money. Where else can u get lamb chops for $5.50.

Auntie was very very nice and we sat down n waited for our food. The place seemed to be quite popular with people who were dining on the seafood and western too. I expected a long wait but the food came in less than 10 minutes. I immediately dug into the fish(white dory) which was so light, crispy, crunchy(thanks to the biscuit) and the portion is quite big for. about the size of my palm. I loved the biscuit batter so much i attacked the fish flesh first before eating the outer part of it. the chicken was good too. Tender chicken thigh with skin too. i carefully peeled off the skin and put it at one side to be devoured later. its really different from the usual breaded chicken cutlet wich can be quite jerlakking at times. I love that it comes with mayonaise cos i prefer it over tartar. Fries were nice too. they use the crinkled fried and fried it to my favourite crispy perfection. bread was alrite. though mayb it would be nice if they toasted it a bit and maybe added chopped garlic. but still i liked it.

Bf enjoyed his lamb chops(cos he only gave me a few small pieces to eat and the fats too since he doesnt like the fats(whats wrong with him??!!). But from what i tasted, the lamb chops were tender, not super chewy and the fats were oh so good. The bbq sauce was had the nice taste of garlic and was tangy and yet not too overwhelming. But i still loved my fish more.

Now that I know exactly where it is, Ill definitely be heading down there to satisfy my fish n chips cravings.

*pics will be uploaded later...too lazy
28 Oct 2008 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Good Food, Nice uncle and aunty

I would say i'm a regular there before i move out of Bedok. The fish and chip is fantastic. It's so fresh. Unlike some fillet which is always dry and hard, The fish fillet was yummy and fresh. I don't think you can taset it as frozen fish. I like the chicken chop too. this aunty is very nice, sometime when i was caught between fish and chicken, she will offer to do a mix of the two for me, at no additional cost. The mini bun was very nice too.