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Hotpot Culture (Marina Square)


This busy restaurant brings all the different hotpot flavours from around the world into one menu. Every diner can have an individual hotpot, and there are seven broths to choose from, ranging from familiar favourites like chicken broth laksa broth, to other Asian options like the kimchi broth, tom yum soup or Japanese sukiyaki.

Sun - Thu: 11:30 - 22:00

Fri - Sat: 11:30 - 23:00

Eve of PH : 11:30 - 23:00

+65 63339844
$21 based on 41 submissions
Buffet (14 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (13 votes), Children/Family (11 votes)
jtee07 jtee07

Value for Money Porridge Lunch (Recommend for "No-Frills" Lunch)

We went to Marina Sq on a Sat morning to shop and were hungry by 11+am. Hotpot opens at 1130 and have a rather attractive promotion: "$7.9 for adult" for porridge buffet. Children of significant size pays $5.9. (We've discount for being UOB cardmember).

As there are 2 adults and 2 toddlers and an infant, we decide to eat the buffet since we can't stay long for buffet at expensive hotel or restaurant.

The food is rather simple but sufficiently nice to our standard. There are steamed chinese-sausages, 'kong ba' bao, prawn paste chicken, curry chicken, mince meat, stir-fried cabbage, 'xiao bai cai', fried and steam peanuts, stewed beancurd, tao poh, egg, salted vegetable and stewed seasoned vegetable.

You would not cook some of these dishes at home because they're deemed to be sinful or the quantity would be too large for a small family.

A disappointment would be the fried rice which I find quite tasteless. "Fresh fruits" only consist of chilled oranges.

Do note that drinks are charged separately, cheapest is warm water @$0.50. I observed many tables ordered "home-made barley".

The adults had a few helpings to fill up our stomach, while we take turn to entertain our children. A must try is the curry chicken. The "kong ba" is nicely stewed too (though a bit too fatty for me). By the time we're into our second helpings, the restaurant is almost full.

A few hotels also have such porridge buffet but I think they charge higher price (however, I've not eaten at these buffets, so I can't comment on their value or quality). A simple lunch without extravagance (if you're looking for expensive items such abalone, crabs, lobster ...etc, look elsewhere).

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21 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 32 followers

horrible service

It was a busy sunday and my family decided to head over to hotpot culture for a nice lunch. We sat down and they did not borther asking if it was porridge buffet or steamboat. While we were still deciding, they quickly place 4 steamboat In front of us. I quickly told them that it was only 2 porridge buffet and 2 steamboat. As my husband was tired i told him that i will go and get him the porridge, the staff came and tell me that as i am eating steamboat i am not allowed to take porridge but i quickly explained that it was not for me!
 We all had our personal share of food, but i could sense the staff crutinising us as we were eating as to ensure that we do not share food. Clear to our conscious, we ate what was on our plates.
 To my horror, when we were paying we were charge for 5 Person and when we tried clarifying with the staff, she said that because we were sharing food. We then demanded that we did not share, i merely helped my husband to take food and demanded that they charged us for 4 pax. The manager in charge then said that they are doing honest business and have cctv filming the place, it wont be nice if they show it to us that we were indeed sharing food.
 Ultimately, the boss decided to charge us as 4 as we were truly upset. Its one place that we enjoyed going but because of this kind of lousy service and attitude. Its a no way! Never again! We will also tell all our other friends to stay away from this lousy place with such lousy attitude.
 That's not the way how you do business! If you think that we are sharing food, please approach nicely and tell us that we are sharing food and its not allowed, there was not even any warning at all. They just charge it to your bill. This is just too much!
06 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

waste of my time

Waited more than 40 minutes for my first order, but it didn't came. Storm off the outlet, left $70 at their cashier for their lousy service attitude. 

The first order was a mix of raw dishes for the steamboat and cooked food. However after 20 minutes the food wasn't here.  They even refilled the soup twice but the food haven even appear on our table. So we ordered a second order. After the second order came, first order was not here. So the waiter offered to check and came back to our table and ask us to reorder again. Another 20 minutes pass, the table in front of us keep getting the order delivered but our order was not here yet. 

When I wanted to check with their manager(who I believe so) about the duration we waited and how long we have waited for the food to arrive. He told me " can you sit down first", I'm like "hello, i don't need you to instruct me to sit down". 

If you thinking of dining at this place, do think twice. Their food isn't that great, service is poor and their "manager" have poor customer service skill. 

21 Apr 2012 • 240 reviews • 1 follower

Dessert ok, hotpot not ok

2008 hotpot -

Way overdue post. I love steamboat and hot soupy food. But sadly, hotpot didn't meet my expectations. There's no special element in their soup or food that makes me want to eat it again. Too common yong tau foo...

I hope their standards have improved after these years.

The only consolation food was the desserts dipped in chocolate!

17 Feb 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

I walked out without paying.

What can I say? A place with conflicting "T&C"s will leave all staffs confused with policies and one that appear to be out to cheat your money.

First off, the customer service was only average. We sat down, and we were asked what soup we would like. But before we discussed or said any soup names, we asked the staff serving us if we could change the soup halfway during our meal. He said yes. So we just picked any soup thinking we could change it later.

When I wanted to change the soup about 20 minutes into my meal, I wasn't allowed to. This uncle-looking staff in a pink shirt (not like the other service crew) insisted that soup change is only allowed for those who ordered the Mala soup, reason being that it might be too spicy for some and thus the exception. So I questioned him about the conflicting information and all he can do is insist that we can only change our soup if we ordered Mala soup, without addressing any of my other questions. All he could also say was that what the other crew said to me earlier about being able to change soups was invalid and that to change soup, I had to fork out an additional $3.

He was truly not trained in customer skills and had no professionalism or PR skills. When I said that they were unreasonable and did not fulfil the terms on their side, I had the right to refuse paying and stop eating. All he could say was "whatever you like" and walked off. This was very unprofessional.

If you're looking for a no-frills buffet place with good customer service, this is definitely not the place. Even the food wasn't that fantastic for the price (they only have simple non-marinated meat and Yong Tau Foo-type of dishes along with some other fancy but cheap kind of dishes). With such customer service and tactics up their sleeves, it'll psychologically make you feel like the food is much worse than what it actually is. But from an objective viewpoint from my other visits in the past (I had the chi-char type lunch buffet and hotpot meal in the past, this is the first time I'm having the hotpot dinner buffet), the food is honestly below average. And the quality of the food just doesn't match up to the price that you are forking out.

Let me emphasize that it is not about the $3 that I need to fork out. If it was made clear that you need to pay to change your soup from the very start, I would have chosen my starter soup properly and be more than willing to fork out the extra dollars for a new flavour of soup along the way.

This is the first time I have walked out of a place without paying and I am definitely not keen on returning to this place. There are other restaurant steamboat buffets out there that are worth my money with no-frills.

09 Dec 2011 • 1 review • 20 followers

Worse buffet ever

Spend around $60 person.

First off, the service is horrendous . There are too few waiters to customers. Waited for over half an hour for them to bring only beef and pork. Had to continuously remind the waiters of our order.

Never mind the time they made us wait, but the standard of the food was absolutely atrocious. They had the audacity to serve beef and pork that was completely rock hard frozen. Simple food like fish balls and mushrooms were terrible. How did they manage to screw up simple things like that up astonishes me.

The couple seating next to us were experiencing the exact problem. Dishes taking forever to come. Standard of food was just horrible. Quantity of food was just a joke. I was almost convince they were intentionally vying for the Worse Restaurant in Singapore title.