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$20 based on 43 submissions
Buffet (15 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (13 votes), Children/Family (11 votes) ...

This busy restaurant brings all the different hotpot flavours from around the world into one menu. Every diner can have an individual hotpot, and there are seven broths to choose from, ranging from familiar favourites like chicken broth laksa broth, to other Asian options like the kimchi broth, tom yum soup or Japanese sukiyaki.

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Latest Review for Hotpot Culture

Overall RatingBased on 29 reviews
Most helpful review:

Porridge buffet

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 372

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Porridge buffet SGD$8.80++!

The bee hoon was very nice! The kuey tiao was a bit oily though.

There’s black carrot cake that’s not too oily as well and slightly sweet.

The curry vegetables was quite a hit too. Goes well with the bee hoon!

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Terrible service paired with stale food

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I used to be a regular customer of this joint before their rat incident, after the incident I still supported the joint occasionally, but today's experience makes today's visit my very last.

The friendly staff from their pioneer batch are no longer around, you get greeted by sulky faces and when I saw the chili sauce bubbling inside the plastic container, I knew something was amidst.  I made it a point and pointed to the first staff that the chili has gone bad and smelt sour.  I could not believe it when she brushed me aside and told me that the chili was normal without even looking at it.

Initially I sulked and sat back in my seat, but then when I thought to myself and wondered what if the other patrons did not notice this and consumed the vile stuff and so I brought this issue to the attention of the next and only other service staff around.

I stirred the venomous looking stuff and a pungent smell emerged from the mixture and brought a scoop to the other lady.  She ignored me like her partner and explained that it smells of assam, however when I brought up the fact that I was a regular, she finally took a whiff, brought out a fresh bottle and threw out the old batch.

Not only was the chili bubbling, their steamboat ingredients were stale looking and the fried pig skin appeared and tasted like it had been refried and stale.  The sauce ingredients were also oil stained and old.

The spoons were dirty, the fuel they used for the steamboat were wet and splotches of water popped on me when they were starting to heat up.  My dining partner's herbal soup got refilled with chicken soup and it tasted terrible.

I swear today will be my last!  Never returning again!

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horrible service

Total Review: 1

It was a busy sunday and my family decided to head over to hotpot culture for a nice lunch. We sat down and they did not borther asking if it was porridge buffet or steamboat. While we were still deciding, they quickly place 4 steamboat In front of us. I quickly told them that it was only 2 porridge buffet and 2 steamboat. As my husband was tired i told him that i will go and get him the porridge, the staff came and tell me that as i am eating steamboat i am not allowed to take porridge but i quickly explained that it was not for me!
 We all had our personal share of food, but i could sense the staff crutinising us as we were eating as to ensure that we do not share food. Clear to our conscious, we ate what was on our plates.
 To my horror, when we were paying we were charge for 5 Person and when we tried clarifying with the staff, she said that because we were sharing food. We then demanded that we did not share, i merely helped my husband to take food and demanded that they charged us for 4 pax. The manager in charge then said that they are doing honest business and have cctv filming the place, it wont be nice if they show it to us that we were indeed sharing food.
 Ultimately, the boss decided to charge us as 4 as we were truly upset. Its one place that we enjoyed going but because of this kind of lousy service and attitude. Its a no way! Never again! We will also tell all our other friends to stay away from this lousy place with such lousy attitude.
 That's not the way how you do business! If you think that we are sharing food, please approach nicely and tell us that we are sharing food and its not allowed, there was not even any warning at all. They just charge it to your bill. This is just too much!

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