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 • 23 Apr 2014 1 review 0 follower
Supposed to look forward to a pleasant wedding anniversary dinner with dear hubby but turned out was our 1st and will be last visit to this place. We love chillie & pepper crab. Will make up for this at another 100% sure good place.

House of Seafood chillie crab is really below expectation. Both crab meat and gravy were disappointing!! The fried tofu with XO sauce was OK. Ordered the silver fish fried rice but had quite alot of salted fish in it as well. The menu showed salted fish fried rice as another dish order. Didnt like the v salted fish taste tog with silver fish in my rice. Would not order if knew they mixed these tog.

There was a very weird smell (like urine smell) in all the dishes and utensils. Dont understand why??? 1st unpleasant experience of this !!

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