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Asian, Indian, Iranian, Middle Eastern, South Indian
+65 92964759

Tue - Sat: 11:00 - 19:00

Closed: Mon, Sun & PH

$7 based on 3 submissions

Located on North Bridge Road, House of Briyani is an Indian restaurant offering different variety of briyanis.

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Best Briyani in Town

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

Wow that mean i am the second person to write the review for this House of Briyani..

I have been there severals time & no regrets..

The briyani rice is awesome..they have 3 differnt kinds of rice.

First is 01) Dam Berani, 2) Turkish Berani & 3)Afganistan

The rice does'nt stick together or gets lumpy like other indian berani stall..

Must try the mutton briyani..

I always take mutton if i go to House of berani

Ambience is cool place, is a nice place to hangout for lunch & have

tea .

Best time to eat is at 11am..freshly piping hot berani no crowds..

Dont go on Friday.. is pack because of the Sultan Mosque & most malay man do their Friday Prayers..

Per plate is S$ 6.50 if you want the dish to be in a seperate bowl than addition 50 cents..

So the price will be at $7.00

they do sell papperdom the indian crackers at S$1.50 per small container..consists about 5 to 6 pcs.

But One comment I have, I hope the owner knows that his assitants at the counter which the only malay boy needs alot of Love..

He does'nt smile & always pull a long long face..recently

He was'nt like that for my first visit..but anyway I have been there with a group of friends more than 8 times within 3 months..

Go & try this "House of Briyani"

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Unique briyani stall

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 249

This is one unique briyani stall. Instead of the usual Indian briyani, they sell briyani from different countries. They have Afghan, Iranian and Turkish dum briyani. The rice was fragrant, aromatic, perfectly steamed, and firm to the bite. They must have used a good grade Basmati rice. The curry lamb was fantastic. They used the back of the lamb (T-bone, I think) to cook the curry, so the meat was very tender. The thing to die for was the Tomato Sambal that came with the Briyani. It was sweet, not overly spicy and had large pieces of well caramelised onions in it.

I also tried the Afghan briyani. It was not oily and was similar to our local briyani. The Turkish dum briyani, on the other hand, was a tad too oily for me and had raisins and nuts in it.

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no review yet?! what a shame!

Food/Drink 3 | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 20

I cant believe no one's wrote a review for this joint yet. Therefore I shall.

Now to begin with, I have never been to this restaurant itself (yes funny that im reviewing it right. so read on to find out why!)

I tried their yummy biryani however, as my ex colleague had once da paoed large quantities of their chicken and mutton biryani as a treat for the whole office.

Seriously, this is some yummy biryani. The rice is flavourful, not oily, and liberally littered with spices proving that the chef certainly did not stinge on the ingredients. The chicken and mutton curries were nicely done, with a nice balance of sweet, salty and spicy.

Overall i think this is a great place to get your party supply of biryani. Im assuming that the prices are affordable since my colleague could afford to treat the whole office!

As a yardstick of some sort, i'd rate this biryani as 2 points lower than jalan kayu and alaruddin's. But waaay better than the average biryani stall. Trust me. heh.

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