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Dependable food and service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

Its largely a hit-and-miss for this Canton stalwart of Orchard Hotel. Stick to its time-honored traditions of Peking duck and dim sum. They do not disappoint as opposed to the more adventurous culinary crusades and experimentations of the kitchen from time to time. Service was personalised and genuine, the kind of old-school neighbourly affection from yesteryear which our grands and parents would identify immediately with nods of satisfied approval. A homely family friendly restaurants for all occasions.

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Quite Mediocre Lunch

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 389

See my full review & photos at =

a good younger friend wanted to buy lunch on 3.11.2015.

i wanted to try the huating 华厅 SG50 6-course lunch (not shy la..haha!) so suggested the place. ^^

i have not been to huating maybe >10yrs? not sure.

used to come here when i was having the ala carte card which gives 50% discounts for 2pax. liked the braised goose especially but that was like for a very short window & never had that since.

so we mostly had braised duck & also the lobster noodles. but like i was telling my friend, lobster noodles now we can have it anywhere, & 2 of the best for me are tunglok signature & xin cuisine. :-)

we had a vegetarian goose starter.

first course was the mushroom fritters & seafood salad.

mushroom fritters were good, crispy batter & tasty mushrooms.

prawns & scallops salad was competent.

overall not a particularly fine starter, but i guess a good restaurant standard, competent.

second course was sweet & sour soup 酸辣汤.

this soup is not my favourite. still i remembered it was a rather tasty soup here eons ago. well, dishes change & tastebuds change too.

i felt it was a bit below par for a huating standard restaurant.


c/w what i had at xin cuisine recently, at least that was fragrant, tasty & chokeful of ingredients as well.

even the colour & look were much better.

i always like sea perch. the taste & texture is like cod. this one sat on an emarld tofu with minced pork sauce.

photo looks ok, and overall the taste of both the sea perch & the minced pork tofu were good too.

it was a good restaurant standard. we both thought that the combination was not the best matching – a quite robust minced pork tofu competing with a sea perch.


c/w min jiang’s steamed sea perch, simple & dignified, somehow huating’s version look a bit like food from past decades.

the lamb rack was ok. meat was tender, sauce was a bit overpowering. there was a bit of gamey taste which the sauce helped mask.

i would say very competent dish. a bit of tacky decorations?

prawn noodles? for me that was really quite below par.

alan’s S$5 “why eat har” prawn noodles beat this hands down.

so would any at tunglok signature & xin cuisine.


even my own big prawn noodles (copy tunglok’s) better than this la….lol,,,^^

dessert was a mango pudding with fruits.

overall, it was a very enjoyable lunch, catching up with my friend about his business & family.

food was pretty good i supposed considering it’s a S$50pax 6-course set with sea perch & lamb, but really far below the expectations i had for a restaurant like huating. so either the restaurant standard has fallen far behind or they are not giving representative dishes for the set (which defeats the purpose of having a promo).

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Great chinese food

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 74

I'm not easy to please when it comes to good chinese food, probably because my dad used to run a restaurant. I found Hua Ting to have great customer service, usually prompt and attentive. The ambience in Orchard Hotel is also pretty classy, so it's a great venue to entertain friends, overseas guests and family. 

I've been there twice for tim sum lunch (once weekday, once weekend). They are immensely popular for tim sum so please book in advance.  I have also been there once for dinner where the pace was less frenetic and we saw others with families or friends there. 

Their dim sum is reasonably priced (as in relatively standard pricing compared to similar standard chinese reataurants) and the execution is pretty delicate in flavour and fresh ingredients. 

their dinner menu is on the more pricey side and a great majority of the dishes are listed with 'per person' written in the side. I went with two companions so we tended to look for the dishes with 'per order' written next to it so that we could 'manage our budget'! Haha... just kidding.. we just don't like the feeling of ordering dishes based on 'per person' but i guess some places price dishes by 'small medium large' , so this is amother 'pro-rated price format'. 

Anyway the peking duck is pretty good. They bring out the duck and show it to you before carving it up at an elegant island counter-style service station near the table. 

They cook a second dish with the meat too and we were given several choices (some of the choices weren't the run of the mill ones). Anyway we opted for stew duck with tofu skin (this is a special tofu made inhouse by skimming off the top layer of tofu while making it and stacking those tofu skins up).. The texture of the tofu was most unusual. 

We also tried their fish paste noodles- literally fish ground into paste and then made into noodle strands inhouse.  it was cooked with great wok hei. Obviously they have very skilled chefs in Hua Ting!!

If you want discounts to eat there, become an Alacarte member and you can enjoy discounts when dining at Millennium hotels! 


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Pricey Singaporean Chinese Food

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 2157

I came to Hua Ting with high expectations, perhaps a little too high.

An old school establishment which has been around for ages, the place is popular for business dining.

At a recent visit, I started out with the Hot and Sour Soup ($12 per bowl). No surprises here as it reminded me a lot of the Americanised Chinese soup that I had in the US.

I then tried the Sweet and Sour Prawn, which once again reminded me of the Chinese food that I had in the US.

My next dish, the garlic broccoli was well executed - slightly sauteed in garlic and very crunchy.

The next dish, the dried chilli chicken had a good level of tenderness and was not very spicy.

Probably the best dish of the night had to be the "live" Soon Hock ($9.50 per 100grams). The freshness of the fish steamed in light soya sauce was evident in every bite.

The final dish of fried rice was a little disappointing as it was dry and did not have "wok hei".

Overall, food was alright, but I felt that prices were a little steep and one could get a good  Chinese fix without having to pay such high prices.

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Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 17

After having to read much good review on Hua Ting, maybe I had expected a little too much. A let down is my verdict. Furthermore, there is just way too much msg in the food. My whole family was thirsty after the meal.

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