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Review for Hua Ting Restaurant (华庭餐厅)


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AsianCantoneseChineseDim Sum
Address: Level 2, Orchard Hotel, 442 Orchard Road, 238879
27 Jan 2014 • 55 Reviews • 16 Followers

Great for Special Occasions!


My family headed to Hua Ting last night for reunion dinner. We have made reservations at 730pm and arrived just in time after some traffic jam along Thomson road.

Everywhere also jam!

Our table was all ready and waiting for us when we arrived. We were seated by the windows facing the main entrance, which was really cool cos we could see all the cars and buses streaming in. The hotel was nicely decorated with Chinese New Year lanterns and drapes. Actually we quite liked the hotel interior.. A bit old school but bustling with activity. Don’t mind going there again!

 I noticed something really nice in the restaurant which is that they got this work station in the middle of the restaurant where they will cut up the Peking duck.. And get the food ready before they serve the customers. It’s right in front of the tables so we could see what they were doing. I thought this was really nice – it’s a delight seeing staff at work handling our food with expertise and care!

The restaurant was full when we were there last night – they have a big private dining room where there were 3 tables inside, and maybe a couple more smaller private rooms – all full. But somehow we didn’t feel very cramped or disturbed cos it was nicely spreaded. I think my table was the noisiest with kids!

We took our order with this waitress who was busy but yet patient enough to recommend us the dishes. This restaurant actually is like any other Zhi Char restaurant where you can customize the dishes! So we ordered a steamed Soon Hock fish, stewed chicken with fungus, stir fried broccoli, 3 of their signature baked pork ribs and a plate of roast duck and roast pork.

To read full review and see pics, pls go to cheers!

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