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Review for Hua Ting Restaurant


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AsianCantoneseChineseDim Sum
12 Feb 2013 • 246 Reviews • 1 Follower

good poon choi and service at this old establishment

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the poon choi came in a large basin, and was abundantly filled with the usual suspects: belly pork, sea cucumber, fresh baby abalone, dried scallops and mussels, large prawns, fish maw, dried shitakes, fatt choy – the hairy moss, cabbage and radish pieces. highly savoury, it was both tastier and more abundantly filled than some other hotel renditions we’ve had – and went brilliant with rice.

great poon choi and only-passable other-dishes (though admittedly chosen from a very small chinese new year menu) – not a bad choice at new year’s, though this place therefore doesn’t stand out remarkably from other similarly-established restaurants in singapore.
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Poon Choi
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Children/Family, Dinner
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