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Reviews for (Closed) Hua Zhu Restaurant (Closed)


Great crabs and excellent service

Just stumbled upon this nice Chinese restaurant and concluded that this is a certainly a well kept secret in the holland village district .

Service here is cordial and prompt and the staff are amazingly attentive an quick to respond to customers needs like change of dishes, top up of drinks etc, notwithstanding that business is brisk and restaurant is full house.

In terms of food, I have tried the chilli crabs and the gongbao chicken which proves to be fresh and yummy, just how the straits times article had described. Most importantly, prices here are cheaper relative to the likes of other seafood restaurants.

Certainly a place which I will visit again.

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30 Sep 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Overpriced, tourist/expat trap, poor service

Overall, this was really a bad dining experience for my family. Expats or tourists who are unfamiliar with but keen to try Chinese cuisine, please take my advice that you can have food that is much better at half the price elsewhere. Ask any local and I'm sure they can provide some recommendations. It amuses me too that the latest newspaper commentary on this restaurant was in 1988. If you like the quiet neighborhood ambiance, try something else in the area. I am writing this because no one should be paying such exorbitant prices only to get a false impression of good local food.

30 Sep 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Overpriced, tourist/expat trap, poor service

Recommended by an expat friend and decided to give it a try, but it turned out to be my worst decision ever. Tucked in a neighborhood estate at Queen's street, it was mostly occupied by expats on a Sunday evening.

Food & Pricing

Food was mediocre and did not justify the exorbitant prices . Their signature prawns cost $34 for merely 10 small prawns (not fresh even though they proclaimed that they use fresh and not frozen prawns) that were soaked in sauce that was forgettable. Vegetables, pork ribs and tofu cost about $20 each for a medium sized portion, which was fairly reasonable but of very
02 Sep 2012 • 184 reviews • 15 followers


Of the 200+ reviews I have written here, this must be the lowest ranking place I have written about


Crispy squid - OK not too bad $26 large portion did not look anywhere near large.

Moonlight noodles - OK quite fragrant and tasty portion was decent but not much ingredients other than noodles.

Signature prawns - $48 for 10 large prawns is an absolute ripoff - my one prawn was not really that fresh so obviously frozen stuff.

Kungpao Tofu - Absolutely tasteless no spice, no flavour. Very poor and $30 for about 15 pieces of tofu was another poor value

Mandarin chicken - Forgettable