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Hum Jin Pang

Hum Jin Pang is a stall located at Maxwell Food Centre specialising in hum ji peng.

Daily: 13:00 - 20:00

The HGW community like this place for...

24 Nov 2011 • 249 reviews • 562 followers

Really cheap and good Hum Jin Pang!

Do it yourself and pay less! Unlike most other Hum Jin Pangs (HCP), this particular one has the five spice salt on the outside, causing the oil in the wok to turn black. For those who do not know it is a flat round dough with or without filling. After frying, the HCP is dipped into icing sugar. I must tell you that my first bite was like hitting a hole-in-one! Why is it that nobody else does it this way? The sweet sugar crystals that appear after the HCP is fried combined with the crispy savoury skin and filling is to die for! Sold at seven pieces for a dollar, it is not just cheap but very cheap. Not just good but very good! I am willing to wait the next time I come to Maxwell Food Centre. I think that says it all.
04 Aug 2009 • 71 reviews • 0 follower

DIY Fun !!!

This must be the only stall that let the customer do their own cooking. Their small and self fried hum jin peng has charmed office ladies, aunties and even rich tai tai to pick up the chop sticks to turn and flip the hum jin peng as the stall owner toss the light and fluffy dough into the boiling wok of oil. Despite being a pastry being fried in oil, it doesn't taste or smell greasy or oily. Maybe its the correct tempreture of the oil in the wok. If i can remember, the price for 7 of it is $2.00. Not too sure if they increase the price. Nice fluffy dough and sweet, refreshing filling. MUST TRY !!! Enjoy !!!!