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American, Asian, European, French, Fusion, German, Halal, Italian, Pizza, Western
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After Work (7 votes), Chillout (5 votes), Ala Carte (3 votes) ...

I Am.. serves nutritious European Halal cuisine to be loved.

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Huge cake!

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Reviews: 202

I AM… café; located along off Haji Lane which serves a line-up of western food and is halal certified! This place is definitely a great place to hang out with your fellow Malay friends! I was there on a Saturday afternoon for dessert and the place was really crowded. My friends and I queued for about 15 to 20 minutes before getting our table. We ordered three of their cake; rainbow cake, chocolate salted caramel cake and rainbow crepe cake. Honestly, the cakes are huge which we find it really value for money and most important it taste quite good, except for the rainbow cake; just find it a bit too sweet!

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I am

Total Reviews: 52

serves a line-up of Western food; signature dishes include the Dutch-inspired ‘Fries & Mayo’, the generous portions of ‘The Platters’, the much raved about ‘Fish & Chips’ and as its name suggests, the ‘Charcoal-grilled Juicy Beef Burgers’, referring to our burger patties – all of which are painstakingly grilled over a charcoal-fuelled fire, and thus take a little more cooking time. it never a regret to travel all the way here for the burger. it is indeed very juicy and not too expensive for a satisfying meal!

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interesting concept!

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 50

Always seem to he full... waiting line is long. But perseverance paid off when we finally got a seat! very ang moh food, pastas, pizza, chips.. you get it. But it's good albeit a little pricey. Red velvet and rainbow cake looks very inviting and one will tend to order but it wont be too soon before you decide you might need to pack the cakes as you will be tummy full after eating your mains. Always find it amusing that the staffs will have a very distinct sense of fashion. Very dapper. Staff is friendly and approachable too. They do provide freeflow of sky juice and encourage you to tip generously hahaha! Very unique cafe setting but it gets stuffy st times.

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Mediocre food and horrendous service

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Food is mediocre if not under par. We ordered Cheezy Bombs (which was good), turkey ham pasta (which was alright, the pasta in itself was not al dente) and Sausage love pizza (which didn't taste anything... crust wasn't home made too).
But beyond mediocrity, what piqued me and my friends the most was the horrible service we received from this restaurant. After an exhausting day of work and attending a gig at Chjimes, my friends and I walked all the way to Haji Lane to grab a late dinner. If we were fussy and demanding of five star service, we would have stayed in Chjimes. We decided to go for I AM... because it was the first restaurant you'll see at the end of Haji Lane and we found 2 empty tables, one was clean and one where diners had just left. Since there was no queue in sight nor a sign that said, "PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED," we settled in and chose the table where it had to be cleaned because there was more breeze we didn't mind that it was dirty and would gladly wait for it to be cleaned. Until a guy in a hat (who I'm guessing is the manager) came and rudely told us, "Um, can you please wait to be seated?" We didn't mind to be told to get up and wait, it was the tone in his voice that irked us. Literally 2 second from standing in their supposed "queue" (which was non-existent and had no proper label; I mean how are we supposed to know we're supposed to wait there?), he let us sit. 2 seconds. What difference did it make if we just sat there while they cleaned? Ten minutes into sitting in, I saw a British dude settled in next to us without waiting in the queue, hat-guy entertained him cheerfully. Anyway, my friends and I ordered the food for sharing. As soon as I finished my plate, other staff members were eager to pick it up and go, I had to tell them twice that I wasn't finished yet; and while my friends and I enjoyed chatting up about our busy week, hat-guy comes in and serves us our bill. While my friends and I split our bill he comes again and stands watching us count our money. I told him, "Wait, we're not yet finished," to which he rudely replies, "I didn't say anything," then leaves. We were very tempted to dispute the service charge as service was horrendous. I don't really do food reviews except their vexing service definitely left a bad taste in our mouth.

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