I Love Taimei (Bugis Street) (我爱台妹)


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fried chicken, seaweed fries and bubble tea!!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience N/A | Service 4
Total Reviews: 10

Gosh best ji-pa EVER! (i haven't been to Taiwan yet) haha! but it's pretty good! really! i tried this and it's super yums. pigout to the max. i like asian food because of the flavours, so this is a good alternative to the boring ol' fried chicken.. and for about $8 you can get...

BBQ Chicken + Seaweed fries + caramel milk tea with pearls = ?

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So you can choose from the bbq Sel that I always get. It's a lil spicy, a lil sweet, and I like that the Chicken is crispy on the outside, and a little chewy, and the chicken is soft and piping hot! very juicy too. I usually don't like chicken-breast because it's dry (i'm such a kid, can only eat fatty meat, not the lean healthy type) so this is great that way.

Ella: super crispy chicken, it's REALLY super crispy. Not recommended for people with no teeth.lol *gnaw*...Hebe is lemon chicken, and then theres popcorn chicken, some tempura thingy, and fried mushrooms yummy!

Then for the side dish, there's fries. and you can pick the flavour from curry, mexican which is spicey and quite tasty, cheesy which makes your fries taste like cheetos, wasabi, and my fav, seaweed! and their shoestring fries are really light and crispy. These are my FAV fries, and I kind of like them better than MacD's because they don't get soggy as quickly and there's less MSG. MacD really spams, leaves me thirsty. but MacD's coke is still numero uno HURHUR. I swear they have special coke.

And last but not least!!! DRUMROLL* bubble tea! be tempted by this ice, cold, smooth, sweet, milky bubble tea! I recommend the white pearls, they're a little hard, nice to chew but not as filling as the black pearls, and better than Gongcha's white pearls. Gongcha's white pearls is now really soft, like white jelly. quality fail. got softer n softer. so yes, i?taimei's bubble tea is not bad, the milk tea is quite thick, not diluted, and smooth. good stuff. pearls also very chewy! the caramel milk tea and hazelnut milk tea are not bad, the berry rose is interesting but if you have a weak stomach you might get a detox after-effect, and the passionfruit is a fruity light alternative, but their milk teas are quite solid, worth getting =) so this is really awesome to eat. junk food and flavours galore!

The only bad part is that it's a stall so there's nowhere to sit. There's one at bugis junction and one at the end of bugis street, so you can either walk around and eat, or sit down at the food court or hawker centre!

checkout more at celleout

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Order a piece of Selina, Ella and Hebe?

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 147

Consider it cheap thrill to order a piece of Selina, Elle and Hebe. I wonder how fans of S.H.E will feel to know that these are actually the names of the BBQ Crispy Chicken, Extra Crispy Chicken and Lemon Crispy Chicken sold at I Love Taimei 我愛台妹.

My 杨丞零 set ($6.40) came piping hot, so tender moist and un-oily, blanketed with crisp batter layer, showered with peppery chili powder. Eating by the roadside on a cooling Singapore weather, it felt so Taiwan.

The variety of side dishes was aplenty with tofu fries, shake2 fries, sour plum sweet potato, chicken tail, sotong ball or chicken skin. The shake shake fries with came in a conical container was just the ultimate nibble – so light and salty with curry flavoured poweder it tasted better than those offered by that other fast food restaurant. Opps.

While the bubble tea was not Koi-tastic or Gong- rrific, it was still a decent cup of milky delight with chewy pearls.

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Service is horrendous

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The food is definitely the reason why i come here . However the service is upright bullsh!t. With 4 staffs working in the kitchen, nothing was produced for the customers for a good 5 minutes. Being early in line, i received my food later than most of the people who were behind me in queue. This is unacceptable. The quality of the food due to its service, obviously declines, as well as its quantity. If i were to recommend you to visit outlets of 'I Love Taimei'. Bugis Street's would definitely not be of choice due to the workers on this present day.

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 5

Went shopping at bugis street and chance upon somebody holding a plastic bag with the "I love Taimei" words on it and i immediately *SWIPE unlock my phone and GOOGLE!* Didnt know that it was just at the back of bugis street.

A bubble tea + chicken + shaker fries = A YUMMMY set for $7.90

Ordered the "Hebe" which is Crispy lemon chicken + Caramel Grass jelly milk tea (+ 0.50) + Spicy Mexico fries. $8.40 in total. Quite worth it for a taste of 3 things at one go.

First served was the the caramel grass jelly milk and it taste great. Ordered it at 25% sugar level, i felt that it was just nice as it has caramel which is very sweet. Grass jelly was a little more chewy than koi's slimy grass jelly. At least there is smth to bite on which i preferred.

After which was the hot piping 'Hebe' chicken and fries tgt. The chicken has both sweet and a little sourish taste to it. The chicken was tender, unlike shilin chicken which is kinda dry and coarse. But the skin wasnt as crispy as i thought it would be due to the sauce.

While I guess for the fries if you are more adventurous try the other flavor instead of "Spicy Mexico" cos its just red pepper powder which can be added at your own wish at the counter. Try the seaweed, garlic or any other flav, it would be more value for money.

Service was fast, the queue wasn't that long when i went. The waiting time was quite short considering that it was a weekend when i went.

Both the fries and chicken serving was less than half the paper bag.

But overall the taste of all the three things was good. There are more selections other than chicken, like fried mushrooms, toufu fries and many more... Try it.

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 6

I've been dying to try them every since I heard about their opening. It's so silly how a million people are queueing for KOI in font of Iluma while this gem is snugly situated round the back with barely a queue at most times.

I've had the Lemon Ice Jelly which, even at full sugar though my usual is 50%, was so very refreshing and tasty. I've had lemon teas like this from other bubble tea outlets but I think I Love Taimei has really nailed it in terms of the balance between ice, tea and just enough lemon so that it isn't overly sour. (I'm not a fan of sour drinks though so people who like hardcore lemon juice etc won't like this.) The jelly was nice and the Taro Q was awesome. I didn't think anyone outside of Taiwan had those so it's nice to find!

Also had the Shake Shake fries with Seaweed and Cheese seasoning. Both were delicious though I'm partial to seaweed. The extra crispy chicken chop and crispy chicken nuggets were very delicious (something in the seasoning). Perfectly cripsy but not overwhelmed with batter. This is the kind of fried treat I had expected from Shihlin (which was utterly disappointing). Nuggets were fried with curry leaves for extra fragance and yum-factor.

Will definitely return to eat my way through the menu and see how my usual order, Pearl Milk Tea, fares in comparison to Koi, Eskimo and Gongcha.

Service is less than great (they claim to open at 12pm but I was still turned away at 12.20pm) but it's basically a counter so I don't expect much.

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