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With a name pronounced as "Ice cube", this cafe with the cool ice-blue lighting carries exactly what you'd expect: premium ice cream. All flavours are home-made. There are plenty of tantalising sundae combinations and accompaniments such as crepes, mud pies and waffles.

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Desserts after Chomp Chomp?

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 164

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It was an accident that I chanced upon Ice Cube Cafe after returning from Chomp Chomp. What attracted me was their blue interior lighting that stood out among the shops beside. But being extremely full from dinner, I made it a point to return another day.

Ice Cube Cafe's menu covers from waffles to mains like spaghetti, finger food, ice cream, mudpies, sundaes, and drinks too. Never expect Ice Cube Cafe to provide more than ice creams before I saw the menu. It indeed caught me by surprise, and keep me to ponder for some time over the finger food section.

Ice cream flavors are displayed beside the cashier. With around 10 flavors in total, I think that Ice Cube Cafe needs to inject more interesting flavors to garner more curiosity of others.

Chocoholics Anonymous ($11.90) used chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate fudge, ferrero rocher and toasted almond flakes. This is unlike the usual mudpies we get outside, made through baking.

Thick block of strong chocolate ice cream taste, with several toppings make it a simple ice cream dessert for kids, perhaps less messy than eating from a cone.

Waffle with Ice Cream ($8.90). It comes with a single scoop of ice cream and a choice of waffle syrup, where additional scoop of ice cream is priced at $3.00.

I chose Maple Walnut as my ice cream flavor, and Mango Puree for my choice of waffle syrup. It seems like a weird combination, and I'm pretty puzzled too when I'm back at my seat. Ice cream lack of flavor, not sure if it’s due to the strong chocolate flavor before this, and thus canvas the mild taste of maple walnut ice cream. Mango Puree will be more on the sour side, but still a great sauce to go with the waffle. Waffle would be great if it can be crispier and syrup can be given a little more, else it's just a plain butter-ry waffle you are eating.

Ice Cube Cafe seems to dwell more on cakes for occasions and desserts as well. The finger food and mains looks tempting, and it gives me a definite reason to return again for it. Their sundaes looks promising too, so hopefully it will be as good as the mudpie I had.

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Best Mudpies in Singapore

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 9

I went there with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and we will definitely come back again. The so-called ?Best mudpies in Singapore? are really good and the environment quite neat and modern. They also serve ?Alcoholic icecream?, though those ones are quite expensive.

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Ice. Cream. FUN.

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 90

a) Alcoholics Anonymous Mudpie - Rum & raisin ice cream on oreo crust, toppings of raisins and almond toppings and butterscotch syrup - Personally, couldn't really taste much of the rum. b) Eyes Wide Open Mudpie - Mocha ice cream topped with chocolate fudge & Milo powder & chocolate chips. Only for the pure chocolate fanatic! c) Magic Potion - Maple Walnut ice cream with Baileys - From the tube of Baileys, the smell of Baileys seemed strong. But after pouring the Baileys over the ice cream, the taste of Baileys got infused with the ice cream. Only ended up with a faint hint of Baileys taste in the ice cream. But the walnuts in the ice cream were great. d) 6C's - The 6 C's prob refer to cherry, cookies N cream ice cream, chocolate covered marshmallow, chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. Overall, this is great place to hang out and chill out with frens, probably after dinner at chomp chomp opposite. But in terms of ice cream, I have had better ones elsewhere.

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Wide variety that fulfils our ice-cream fantasy

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

The number of ice cream flavours is enough to fulfil my ice-cream craving everytime.I love the mango ice-cream best! The crepe is also recommended...pair it with chocolate ice-cream,walnuts and butterscotch syrup and it tastes heavenly. The cafe with its blue lights look so cool but I would prefer if the place was bigger as it can get really crowded during weekends. Ask the friendly staff for recommendations if you are unsure what to go for.

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