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Ichiban Sushi (Jurong Point)


This family restaurant serves user-friendly Japanese food, with regular promotions that encourage diners to try new types of regional cuisine. All the usual favourites are here: sushi, sashimi, tempura, handrolls, hotpots, rice and noodle dishes, and so on.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

+65 63971242
$18 based on 21 submissions
Lunch (4 votes), Dinner (3 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (3 votes)

Okay Japanese Food !

I feel that Ichiban Boshi (Jurong Pt) is good for people who like a quick bite, and not so particular with the quality of food. Still prefer Sushi Tei though.Please visit: for more photos.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Beef Sukiyaki1 vote
  • Chicken Katsu Don1 vote
  • Hamachi Sashimi1 vote
  • Mekajiki Sashimi1 vote
  • Pink Lady Cooler1 vote
  • Salmon & Avocado Sushi1 vote
  • Soft-shell Crab1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
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Ichiban Sushi Chefs without masks talking all the way onto the food.
21 Jan 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Hygiene Concerns

We are frequent diners in this restaurant. For as long as we have dined with them, the sushi chefs had been pretty hygienic to wear mask over their mouth and so, when they talk while preparing food, it was still ok. 

We were very disappointed when we visited the restaurant again yesterday to see none of these chefs (there were 3 of them) at the sushi counter were wearing mask to cover their mouth. Nonetheless, they talked continuously facing down to the sushi that they were preparing for customers. Hence, it was obvious that all the sushi were contaminated with their saliva.

This restaurant practice an open concept to see the chefs prepare the sushi. Shouldn't the management be more cautious with hygiene for food?

And Since when the management had lost the hygiene concern which was previously practiced or had the management not able to afford the cheap mask for the chefs?
31 Oct 2012 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Okay Japanese Food !

I feel that Ichiban Boshi (Jurong Pt) is good for people who like a quick bite, and not so particular with the quality of food. Still prefer Sushi Tei though.Please visit: for more photos.
06 Jan 2011 • 41 reviews • 0 follower

My frequent sushi place

Hmmm...what shall i say? I always go here for my frequent random sushi cravings. haha. I love the salmon sashimi here. It's really fresh. And they have new creations coming up every now and then.
It gets really crowded during 6-8pm though.
07 Jul 2010 • 9 reviews • 0 follower

Avoid at all cost

Ate here in the evening, the place is mediocre at best. Food's presentation was fair to good but tasted completely bland. Meat was tough, overcooked and tasteless. Rice was poor. Would have been acceptable if it were a $4 hawker dish. Tasteless Tasteless.

The waitress, Vanessa, treated customers as if we all owed her money. Not a smile, rude, "take it or leave it" attitude, a terrible scowl and can't even be bothered to look at you. Made other customers wait when she could easily join two tables, only did it when the waiting customers got irked. I know waitressing must be a tiring job but this was completely unacceptable.

The sushi bar "chefs" standing in the middle of the conveyor belt were talking loudly about all sorts of things including going to see vietnamese girls at a ktv. And to add to that, given their position, they kept staring. It was rather unprofessional and the constant loud chattering made me uncomfortable and really spoilt my appetite.

Only saving grace was the very sweet cashier girl, didn't get her name.

This place leaves me speechless, I'll never come back here again.
26 Apr 2010 • 46 reviews • 2 followers

No Salmon..

I was craving for salmon on Saturday, but it was raining very heavily so my bf and me decided to go to Ichiban Sushi in JP.

We reached there at around 2pm. The queue was quite short, and we had our seats within 10 minutes. I couldn't wait so I ordered salmon sashimi immediately. But to my disappointment, the staff informed me that they do not have fresh salmon due to the flight disruption from Europe.

The staff served us our hot green tea while we look at the menu again.

We ordered soft shell crab tempura, half udon, ala carte black pepper beef with rice set, and several gunkans. The soft shell crab tempura was nicely fried, unlike those that had too much oil in it. The udon was Q and the soup base topped with spring onions was good.

Black pepper beef was not bad but the sauce was slightly sweet. Maybe it was past lunch hour, so the gunkan on the conveyor belt was not that fresh as the seaweed was soggy.

Overall, the food is not bad, but I prefer the IMM branch as the sushi and gunkan there are fresher and the food presentation is better.

Service is good and prompt. One of the item was prepared wrongly but the staff remembered our order and changed the item for us promptly. Our green tea was regularly refilled.

As for place itself, the cushion seats are old and the surface had cracked. The saucers were not very clean so we had to request for new saucers. The outlet is quite small but the floors and tables are kept clean.