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Back to il Cielo (Hilton Singapore)Level 24, Hilton Hotel Singapore,...
 • 24 Mar 2013 1 review 0 follower
Wow, this is authentic and excellent quality italian food and service at its best.  And though the restaurant setting is posh, our toddler was made to feel very welcome by the staff.  Warm italian hospitality at its best.
The meal was sensational from start to finish, even till today, the memory of that meal still lingers on.  Appetizer was italian tomatoes oozing with a sweet and savoury taste wrapped in the restaurant's own home made buffalo cheese.  This tomatoes-and-home made cheese combo is a match made in heaven.  Definitely wakes up your tastebuds to anticipate more.  Main of braised wagyu beef cheek did not disappoint.  It was cooked in a vacuum sealed bag to lock in the flavors we were told.  It was served with saffron-touched mashed potatoes.  Every bite of the wagyu beef cheek was flavourful, melt-in-your-mouth tender, to-die-for.  Dessert was a very smooth panna cotta with mandolin-cut pineapple slices, which I later supplemented with chocolate gelato (boring choice but I have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying).  Oh even before the appetizer, the bread basket was fresh and aromatic.  The entire meal was heaven, a culinary journey course-by-course through the heartiness and flavours and sensorial pleasures of italian cuisine.  The manager told us the chef is from north Italy so I would recommend ordering dishes that makes the most of his provenance and heritage.  Oooo.  Just writing this review is making my mouth water...the beef cheek really creates fireworks on your tastebuds, every single morsel of it.  Generous pours of wine and prosecco too!
The service excellence matches the food too.  Friendly yet classy, attentive yet unobstrusive, the manager and the lovely waitress who served us completed our experience of italian hospitality.  They were so accommodating and cheerful about my toddler's embarrassing requests for repeated servings of parmesan cheese to go with her pasta (she is an addict and can eat a full bowl of parmesan cheese on its own).  No need to ever ask for more bread or water or napkins (for my toddler's mess), the service staff will anticipate your needs before you ask them.  Another thing I really appreciate is that each course for each person is brought out just at the right time, which is uncommon even in the nice restaurants in singapore.
I will definitely be back.  Already the craving for the wagyu beef cheek and home-made buffalo cheese is intensifying as I write this review.

Must tries: Braised wagyu beef cheek

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