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Imperial Court Shark's Fin Restaurant

Imperial Court Shark's Fin Restaurant, conveniently located in the Grassroots' Club has a palatial decor true to its name - perfect for a majestic wedding banquet. Renowned for its warm service & sumptuous cuisine, guests will find the dining experience truly memorable.
Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.30pm -10.30pm
+65 65532777
$44 based on 11 submissions
Lunch (5 votes), Children/Family (4 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (4 votes)
Ray Yong

Limited Selection - Dim Sum

Was looking forward to bring my kids for Dim Sum BUT only limited selection...... Wish they can have more choices ......

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Crispy Chicken3 votes
  • Broccoli with stir fry seafood with egg white.1 vote
  • Shark fin soup1 vote
  • Venison with Spring Onion1 vote
  • crispy fish skin1 vote
  • egg tart1 vote
  • wok fried beef1 vote
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Based on 11 votes
04 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Limited Selection - Dim Sum

Was looking forward to bring my kids for Dim Sum BUT only limited selection...... Wish they can have more choices ......
26 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worst dining experience EVER, never coming back again

Ok so we booked a table for 3 and when we arrived we were asked if we wanted water or tea. I asked the waitress if they had other drinks, and she gave the stunned face and replied no. So I ordered water. She then poured the water into my tea cup. A while later another more senior waitress came and asked why the water was in the teacup and poured me some water in a glass. About 20 minutes later a glass of coke arrived at the table next to mine.

So we ordered around 6 dishes and the waiter failed to include the lamb in the order, but we then decided to do away with it since 6 dishes was quite a lot. So first came the egg yolk prawns and xiaolongbao. We finished these and were left to wait for at least 10 minutes before the next dish arrived. When it did eventually come, we finished it and it was another long wait for the fish. At this point the waiter still had the audacity to ask if we wanted the bill.

When we were done with the fish, we realised that there was still a rice cake that they had not been served and reminded them about it. and at the same time asked the for dessert menu. The dessert menu came after asking three different waiters for it. After ordering dessert, we again reminded them of the rice cake which had yet to materialise. The desserts came and we finished them. This was when the waiter came to us and told us the sad news that the rice cake ‘做到很难看,我不好意思拿给你们’ which in English meant that it was not in presentable shape and he did not want to serve it to us. He then asked if we wanted to cancel the order instead.

On a separate note, though, the fish was quite tasty. But that was the only consolation for literally the worst restaurant experience I have ever been through. 

13 Apr 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Lunch ala carte buffet

We have 2 adult 1 child aged 12 for lunch. Ordered the following: Single order items: - Shark fin dumpling soup - Spinach with baby abalone - Spring chicken - Roast duck n char siew - Drunken prawn - Deep fried grouper with Thai sauce Unlimited ala carte: ( these r what we ordered) - Har kau - Siew Mai (mostly prawn) - Xiao long bao (2 out of 3 lost its soup in the cause of preparation. But the one w soup is good) - 三色豆腐卷 in a steam tray ( 3 rolls of fried beancurd skin wrapped in toufu steamed on a small dish of toufu. V interesting) ~ - Deep fried prawn in beancurd skin - Egg tarts ~ - Cereal prawn ~ - Stir fry black pepper beef ~ - Sweet sour prawn ~ - Xingzhou fried rice - Prawn paste chicken Self help section: - Cut fruits (watermelon only) - Honey dew sago^ - Red bean w lotus seed^ Note: All dishes are in mini portions according to you number of pax at the table. Minimum 2 pax portion. I.e. 2 pieces. Small to medium size prawns ^ not recommended ~ highly recommend Paid $91 inclusive of all taxes w no promotion or discount for 2A n 1C Parking $3 Not fantastic. But good place for family gathering.
18 Aug 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Satisfying Chinese Buffet

ln terms of ambience, value and quality of food, it easily got into my top 10 list of Chinese alacarte buffets. The price I must say, it's definitely worth it. includes 3 dishes that can only be ordered once - chili crab, sharks fin soup & Peking duck. we went as a grp of 9 and they gave the portion just nice imo. not too lil or too much! the other dishes came nicely served as u can judge from the photos. the waiters are very efficient too, from filing up the empty glasses to informing the kitchen staff to get ready the next batch of dishes to be served. the only disappointing part is the limited selection of desserts.
Broccoli with stir fry seafood with egg white
12 May 2012 • 287 reviews • 21 followers

Hidden Treasure @ Grassroots Club

We actually found this place by accident as we are looking for a place to hold our church upcoming anniversary dinner. This restaurant was opened by Gim Tim Pte Ltd. A well known restaurant in the Ang Mo Kio area with its loyal follower.

Since we just settle the paper work for the booking, we decided to have a little food tasting to see quality of the food. We ordered:

Broccoli with stir fry seafood with egg white.

Crispy Chicken (half)

Venison with Spring Onion

Seafood Fried Rice with XO Sauce.

During the month of May, they have this promotion from $12 instead of $18. The broccoli is crispy,as it must topped with the excellent sauce. The scallops and prawns tender and cooked to perfection. The egg white is nicely coated the seafood, it is soft and full of flavour and finished off with sprinkle of tobiko on top. Yummyyy.

The crispy chicken is good. It is nicely marinated, crispy skin, with moist and succulent meat. What else can you ask for. The venison, we purposely ask it to be cooked in the most simple way, with spring onion. We want to see how good is the chef, and he did not disappoint. The meat is tender, not over cooked. You can taste the character of the meat and it is nicely balance with the light sauce and spring onion.

For the Fried Rice, it is good but not great. We thought the fried rice will have tobiko in it for texture, but instead it is an XO fried rice. The XO sauce got a bit of spicy kick in it, but not overpowering, lightly seasoned but I find the fried rice is a bit soft and soggy. A nice crunchy texture in it will be great.

Location: This place is actually a hidden find. I don't think people outside Ang Mo Kio, or people that ever visited Grass Root club will know about this restaurant. I am glad that I have found it. Parking is not an issue, as the is a lot of lots in club or at the sports complex behind. Ambiance: The restaurant looks new, cosy, bright and looks maintain. Great job to the team. Service is good and attentive. The food still come at a good timing on the night, even though they have a wedding banquet the other section of the restaurant.

Overall: We actually like this place, as the food is very good, nicely seasoned ( or lightly seasoned) and very reasonable price. What else can you ask for in a restaurant :)