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Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck (Paragon)

Diners can experience the richness of Chinese culinary heritage presented in superior quality doubled with impeccable service at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant. Using the most traditional and authentic way of imperial era to prepare the peking duck, the Beijing chefs carefully roasts every duck to perfection.

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 15:00

Sat: 11:00 - 15:00

Sun: 10:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

+65 67327838
$54 based on 79 submissions
Dinner (35 votes), Lunch (28 votes), Children/Family (26 votes)

Duck is great but service sucks

The duck is great! You do get real Beijing Duck experience at this place, but the service is lacking. They do have a team of experienced managers and captains but the rest are just like headless waitress that do not seem to see your hands waving at them. Poor service when I visited them for lunch during their first month of opening.

If I am paying that kind of money (almost $200 for lunch of 4), I will not stand poor service.

I will wait for the service to get better before going back. In the mean time, I am happy to visit their neighbour, Crystal Jade Golden.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Peking Duck (Must order in upon making reservation at least 1 day in advance)32 votes
  • Dim Sum6 votes
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Based on 79 votes
02 Dec 2014 • 47 reviews • 0 follower

Best Duck in Singapore

This is the place for Peking Duck; but that's about all I can say. The dim sum is OK but rest of dishes is average only. Notwithstanding the excellent peking duck, overall dining experience is below expectation, given that this is a up-market restaurant. Service could be improved on.
16 Sep 2014 • 51 reviews • 0 follower

Asia's top 50? Sure?

I had visited Imperial Treasure at Paragon many years ago, but I did not write a review on it since it will not be a fair assessment based in such distance memory and I was not exactly picky about food way back then. Nonetheless, I had a fairly good impression of that visit and since this restaurant is the only SG Chinese restaurant to make it into Asia's top 50, I decided to visit this restaurant again. Turned out that I was quite disappointed with the overall standard of this place. There are many other better Chinese restaurants than this one (in terms of food and service), eg, Summer Palace, Li Bai, Paradise Pavilion, Asia Grand, Wan Lok, Jiang Nan Chun and Canton Recipe House. Even Crystal Jade Golden Palace, the neighbour a few doors is way better. I cannot see how this one could snag a spot in San Pellegrino's list.
  Onto food, the taste and quality is not too bad, but not great either. I had tried the dumpling soup, vegetable dumplings and congee which are all... meh; slightly salty to be easy on the palate but lack complexity. It is hard to go wrong with fried dumplings (unless using stale ingredients), so no extra big points for doing this dish right. The only dish that impressed me was the crispy rice rolls; smooth, velvety rice flour skin wrapped around the intensely flavoured cha siew and crunchy fried dough bits. The combination worked wonderfully in creating different, harmonious textures in one roll. I actually wanted to add more orders for the roasted duck and desserts, but the service is so all over the place that I gave up trying to get a staff to place the orders.   As I dined at the lounging area outside of the restaurant, I must say that the ambience is horrible. The table is not exactly of the right height to eat my meal comfortable; there was a need to slightly hunch down when eating at those tables. There was no privacy or cosy environment to speak of and the number of staff assigned to lounge area was insufficient to handle the patrons. And not all the staffs know what was going on. When one staff told us about the issue about one of the orders, the others had zero idea on what was going on, thus of no help. So we ended looking for that specific staff just to query more on the problem. Trying to get the attention of the staff is no easy feat either.   While I'm not discounting the possibility of going back to patronize this restaurant, this is not on the top of list of places I like to visit regularly.

For a photo of a bowl of dumpling soup (I was too disappointed to bother to take more—different from some cases where I indulged too much in the food that I forgot to take photos), visit my blog at
09 Sep 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Gorgeous Peking Duck & Dimsum

A place for family gathering over the weekends. They served gorgeous peking duck (must pre-order in order not to be disappointed)!
Dimsum also part of the highlight on our family lunch date.
06 Sep 2014 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

9/10 Peking duck

est Peking duck I have ever eaten. the duck is succulent and the skin is chewy. the egg white with cabbage is also nice.
06 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Great Peking duck but the second way of eating was...

It is my second visit to the peking duck outlets. Last time I went to asia square and had an awsome peking duck dinner.

The duck was roasted to perfection as before, crispy on the outside and firm on the inside. I surely enjoyed the first way of eating. However, the second way of eating came up quite different from what I expected and sort of marred the otherwise perfect dining experience.

I tried having it simply chopped up and served with plum sauce during my last visit. It was good and they literally chopped up and served the rest of the duck, bone and meat. Hence this time I decided to try stir frying it with rice, at a $10 surcharge.

To my surprise, what was bought up later was just a plate of fried rice with some occasional appearance of little duck dices. Where has the rest of my duck gone? I saw it being brought down with plenty of meat remaining. Is this supposed to be some lavish way of serving, where the majority of the duck gets discarded?

I'll give them the due credits for doing the duck right. But a word of advice, don't stir fry your duck with rice or noodle if you want to get all that you paid for.