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(Closed) Indochine Waterfront Restaurant (Waterfront)


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Chilling out at IndoChine Waterfront

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 628

Today, I'd been back to a place where I used to enjoy chilling out at. After these years, I am glad that it is still around. IndoChine Waterfront - a classy, romantic and exquisite place, will always hold a special place in my heart.   Located at 1 Empress Place, Asian Civilisation Museum, Singapore 179555, the number to reach them is 6339 1720. IndoChine Waterfront exudes a serene vibe and its interior setting is grand, with rich Asian taste in decor. If one chooses the grand river views by sitting alfresco, it is an excellent choice as well, to dine or chillout in simple elegance. The only drawback is that they no longer light those scented candles like they used to; I was looking forward to the familiar flowery scent but like most good things, it ain't there anymore.   Anyway, the orders came - first a pot of Chamomile Tea served in a clean-cut, simple pot and cup + saucer. They served good, reliable Dilmah tea, so it is comforting for tea lovers who enjoy the conventional flavor of this well-known household brand.   My Mojito came next - a concoction of sour, sweet and minty chiller, soothing all the heat of today's hectic-ness and exhaustion away. I like Mojitos a lot these days, I realize, and theirs is done just about right - the hints of flavors are blended well and yet light enough they do not obliterate or dominate each other.    We shared a small snack of Goi Cuon - Vietnamese fresh rice paper prawn rolls - filled with poached prawns, lettuce, beansprouts, carrots, chives, mint leaves and rice vermicelli, and accompanied with sauce on the side. This was a refreshing platter of healthy, bland but crisp and gently-sweet dish.   For more detailed information and photos, feel free to visit:  

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Most helpful reviews for (Closed) Indochine Waterfront Restaurant (Waterfront)

Great view, food's good if you order right!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

The view of Boat Quay will make you forgive the ocasional menu malfunction - get some advice from the wait staff. Great place to sit on a perfect night. Would only go if you can sit outside.

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Nice place great food!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 10

A nice alfresco dining place to chill out and have a gathering. You can enjoy the food while watching the world go by. I had marinated chicken with lemon juice as main course, it was great. It tasted like a mix between thai and chinese stir-fried style. With the jazzy background music, you can just zone-out there. Service of staff will need some improvement as we waited FOREVER for the bill to arrive.

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Little league divison food, major league bill.

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 37

Went for Valentines day with the wife. Cost $250 for an alright on average meal. Good thing the company made up for it...

We had tom yam goong (me), half a dozen oysters (her) to start and tamarind mixed seafood and green duck curry (one of their signature dishes, apparently) for our main. The missus had a sticky rice for her pudding and seemed reasonably happy - I didn't try it so I dunno. Weirdly, the tom yam comes in three strengths of spicy. TYS is supposed to be fairly ferocious so what I wanted was tom yam the same way it is generally served. After protracted negotiation with the waitress I went for medium spicy - on the explicit understanding that this is what would normally be served in a Thai restaurant. It isn't - it was tomato soup with a hint of chilli. Get the spiciest one if you want something that resembles the dish named on the menu. God knows what the mild option would have been. A bowl of warm water, I suppose.

Oysters were fine but, in keeping with the tradition of bumbling amateurism which is the hallmark of service in any mid-range Singaporean restaurant, further negotiations were required to secure the red wine vinegar/shallot sauce to go with it. Which, when it turned up had chillis in (leaving it hotter than my TYS, no doubt) and was apparently very good. The oysters also turned up well before the soup despite them being chosen as starters – one for each, not being shared. There was also quite the wait before the mains turned up. Being generous, perhaps they were allowing more time because it was Valentines’ day.

The mixed seafood main was disappointing. The sauce was fairly tasty and the fish was good but the scallops were rubbery and overcooked so we left the remainder. The ‘signature’ green duck curry was fine, although in contrast to the menu it came with red grapes not green and baby plum tomatoes not cherry tomatoes. Not big deals but taken together with the slightly aimless service added to the impression of haplessness.

Drinks: Peppermint tea was fine – although they should really let the customer pour tea. We’re the ones who know how strong we like our tea, after all. Coffee was good. Beer turned up without a glass, which had to be requested, resulting in a reaction of mild surprise from the staff member who obviously anticipated that I would swig from the bottle, while the missus sipped from her champagne glass. G&T was okay but should be served in a tall glass and was fairly weak from the off – let alone once any ice had started to melt into it.

Service was fairly flaky throughout – slightly obtrusive where they tried to be helpful and seemingly not too experienced in respect of a few basics or any unexpected questions. Must be that 1.6% unemployment rate – all the best waiting staff have been snapped up by investment banks or something. The wine list looked very good indeed, though. Pity it doesn't really go with the region's food that well. It would be a great place for a bottle of wine in the beautiful waterside setting, however.

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loveeeees ittttttt

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 7

i love this place!!!!

Used to walk past like a million times and every time i'd stare at it longingly.. finally used the boyfriend's birthday as an excuse to check it out. :)

We had the scallops for our starter, for mains we got the fried rice, fried kway teow and this coconut fish dish.

Scallops.. super duper yummy.. a little pricey at $16 for like 6 - 7 pieces.. but i was enjoying the ambience too much to worry abt the price tag.

Fried rice and kway teow - $16 each. Fried rice was ok-ok only lah.. the kway teow was quite tasty. Would probably skip on the fried rice the next time.

The coconut fish dish was really good.. it was around $30 and it was served like a little box wrapped in pandan leaves.. but don't be fooled by its size. It's sorta like mashed up so it's actually quite a big serving.. we kept digging in and it just didn't seem to finish.. and at the end of it we were absolutely stuffed.

Still.. i couldn't leave without having dessert. We got the fresh fruits fondue, and as a special treat for the birthday boy they gave us a complimentary slice of cake.. i think it was tiramisu. Pretty sweet of them. The fresh fruits fondue i didn't really like.. it was my first time eating fondue so i'm not sure if the chocolate is suppossed to be so.. bitter? The boyfriend was enjoying it though.

The only sorta downside was the $12 bottle of evian.. not sure if they serve normal water but we only got offered still or sparkling.

The service was superb.. very very professional. I can't wait to go back.

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The best Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 14

TGIF!My boyfriend and I decided to go to Indochine at Empress Place. This time we wanted to try the Siem Reap II. The first time we were there was last year in December during my birthday. Amazingly, this place is always packed. We had alfresco dining and my boyfriend actually took one month in advnaced to book!It was one of the best birthday dinner I ever had.

Siem Reap II is more of a cafe than fine dining.We didnt make any reservation and we got at a table outside. For starters, we had the same dishe as before, Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls.Everything taste fresh including the prawns and combination with their traditional sauce...ohh..good way to start.

I had the beef noodles soup. The beef balls are not hard and just nice.The soup is tasty.Accompanied with fresh beansprouts etc. My boyfriend actaully wanted to have the same dish! but I told him to try domething different. We both feel beefy that night. So he had the rice vermicelli with BBQ beef.It was tender and the marinate was unique. Everything I can say about the food is that ..the herbs play well, like the fresh lemongrass and basil.This is what I call the art of cooking!

Well of course with this kind of nice ambience we pay for the price. If we want to find good food, street food can be great too! But have to watch the stomach.

The service is ok. The waitress smile but I had to put up my hands most of the time to call them because its hard to see them close to our table.

We had a lovely moment and took a walk along the river down to Clarke Quay for some drinks ;)

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