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(Closed) Indochine Waterfront Restaurant (Waterfront)


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Chilling out at IndoChine Waterfront

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 631

Today, I'd been back to a place where I used to enjoy chilling out at. After these years, I am glad that it is still around. IndoChine Waterfront - a classy, romantic and exquisite place, will always hold a special place in my heart.   Located at 1 Empress Place, Asian Civilisation Museum, Singapore 179555, the number to reach them is 6339 1720. IndoChine Waterfront exudes a serene vibe and its interior setting is grand, with rich Asian taste in decor. If one chooses the grand river views by sitting alfresco, it is an excellent choice as well, to dine or chillout in simple elegance. The only drawback is that they no longer light those scented candles like they used to; I was looking forward to the familiar flowery scent but like most good things, it ain't there anymore.   Anyway, the orders came - first a pot of Chamomile Tea served in a clean-cut, simple pot and cup + saucer. They served good, reliable Dilmah tea, so it is comforting for tea lovers who enjoy the conventional flavor of this well-known household brand.   My Mojito came next - a concoction of sour, sweet and minty chiller, soothing all the heat of today's hectic-ness and exhaustion away. I like Mojitos a lot these days, I realize, and theirs is done just about right - the hints of flavors are blended well and yet light enough they do not obliterate or dominate each other.    We shared a small snack of Goi Cuon - Vietnamese fresh rice paper prawn rolls - filled with poached prawns, lettuce, beansprouts, carrots, chives, mint leaves and rice vermicelli, and accompanied with sauce on the side. This was a refreshing platter of healthy, bland but crisp and gently-sweet dish.   For more detailed information and photos, feel free to visit:  

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Most helpful reviews for (Closed) Indochine Waterfront Restaurant (Waterfront)

One of the best restaurants in Singapore, cannot go wrong with this place

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

Great food + great ambience + outstanding service = one of my all time favorites in Singapore.

Not cheap thought but worth the money.

Both inside and outside sitting is great and sometimes they even have a band. Although quite big it does feel that way (we always sit in the smoking section at the back close to the sofas which is often not very full).

Great for a romantic dinner but also perfectly acceptable to take our your business partners. Sounds contradictory but they make it work at this place.

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Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 19

This is one of the two restaurants in Singapore that I would classify as most beautiful, romantic, enchanting and elegant with world class food. Whenever we have guests visiting Singapore for the first time, this will be the place that we are most proud to bring them to. Alfresco dining at a historical museum by the Singapore River overlooking the skyscrappers, it makes for the perfect setting to narrate our history, of how from this very strategic spot rose a very vibrant trading hub that is a major contributor to our economy in the early years.

Stories of our people, LKY, culture, the harmony and peace of living among the various races, infrastructure, education system, language, culture, food, business, our great and promising future, etc. never fail to impress them. That a little red dot could do so much and be so in sync globally simply blow their minds. So much so that even when the meal has ended, you can feel that they are reluctant to leave. We have a truly wonderful country here so be very very proud of it, be very appreciative.

This is the awkward part, pronouncing Indochine. I’ve heard some people pronounce it In-do-chi-ni, In-do-chin, In-do-chyne… no, no, no, pronounce it the way the French does “In-do-sheen”.

Superb food + superb ambience + superb service = superb experience.

Offerings are pretty well varied and you can't go very wrong with any selection. The service staff are knowledgeable and will provide advice if requested.

Price in my opinion is relatively reasonable, in a way, it's even lower than most high end restaurants. Portion served is good for 4 pax and if you average the total bill of about $250 (without wine), it's just about $65 per pax, not that bad at all. I bet Indochine have to pay rent through their noses considering the prime location they are on. When Singapore hosted the IOC (Int'l Olympic Committee) in 2005, Indochine was one of the dining venues for the visiting delegates (Tony Blair, David Beckham were among them).

Alright, on with the food that we just had :

Starter : The Mixed Platter served in a bamboo tray, offers a good tasting portion of Vietnamese rice roll, Prawn Paste in Cane, Sundried Beef, Deep-Fried Spring Rolls.

Salad : Pomelo & Prawn Salad comes in huge chunks of pomelo and big succulent prawns; Green Mango Salad is great too.

Main : Toman Fish in thick coconut cream steamed in a banana cup (this is a very well-known Cambodian specialty called Fish Amok); Drunken Venison; Mixed Mushrooms; Duck in Green Curry, Crispy Fried Tofu with a subtle sweet sour sauce.

Dessert : Sticky Rice with Mango, Pumpkin Custard w/Ice Cream, Lemon Grass Creme Brule, Fresh Fruit Platter.

Lest you scoff at the “mundane” fresh fuit platter that we have taken for granted – for someone who has never seen, touched or tasted a rambutan, mangosteen, dragon fruit or starfruit before, this is the Ali Baba’s “Open Sesame” to the forty thieves’ treasure cave, a new adventure embarks - more discussion about the fruits in Asia. You get questions like "Describe durian", "How does it look like?", "What does it taste like?" - Wah!!! Time to "siam", got to go to the wash room...

Walking home after dinner, hand in hand with the one I love, I’d be humming Manhattan Transfer’s “On A Little Street In Singapore” – way to end a memorable evening.

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