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Review for (Closed) Indochine Waterfront Restaurant (Waterfront)


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05 Dec 2013 • 1971 Reviews • 260 Followers

Good Food, Casual Setting

Recently as part of Indochine's Gala give back green initiative, I had a chance to have dinner at their waterfront outlet at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

The meal started with a trio of Butter and French Wild L'Escargot, Wild Betel Leave with Chicken and Rice Crumbles, and Tiger Prawn Tempura with modern green wasabi sauce.

We then had a fresh salad consisting of Grapefruit, Pamelo, Baby Spinach and Wild Caught Spanner Crabmeat. It had a slight sour finish true to its Indochinese routes.

For the soup it was a tom yum soup. This was the regular coconut milk version strong in galangal.

After the palette cleanser of pineapple sorbet, the main attraction of the night was the Wild Caught Lobster, Baby Lamb Rack and Japanese Cold Soba. The lobster was done wonderfully, with a good balance of moist and bite topped with a modern Vietnamese rich seafood sauce.

For dessert it was back to tradition with the Khao Neo Mak Muang - glutinous rice served with rich mango. What a strong rich way to end the meal.

Overall, I must say that the food beat my expectations. Couple this with a nice waterfront view and booze, one cannot ask for more.
Average Spend
$1500 for 6 pax
  • Grapefruit, Pamelo, Spinach, Wild Caught Spanner Crabmeat
  • Wild Caught Lobster, Baby Lamb Rack, Cold Japanese Soba
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