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Review for Ippudo SG (Westgate)


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07 Jun 2014 • 723 Reviews • 85 Followers

Overpriced ramen that is mediocre

The reputation looms higher than the noodles. Not the best ramen in Singapore but reasonably good.

A bit of noodles with two pieces of fatty pork, some veg for _$16. it's overpriced.

The soup was tasty but overly fatty. The last time I had Ippudo was at Mandarin hotel. never again, in Singapore.  My reference is Ippudo in Kyoto where we had a lovely ramen,  well balanced, and not over powering in any aspect.  

I Challenge you to repeat that version that I ate in Kyoto!

Service was good and tight but unsmiling - servers smile at Jap restaurants.

Comfortable seating and tightly spaced tables.
Average Spend
$70 for 3 pax
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