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Irodori Japanese Restaurant (River View Hotel)

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We have a new branch at POMO. The address 1 Selegie Road #01-14/15 POMO. Telephone number: 63377230

Irodori Japanese Restaurant has the widest selection of a-la-carte buffet menu, with all our dishes prepared by experienced chefs using the freshest, best quality seafood and ingredients.

The restaurant is situated in the finest location, offering the most wonderful view of our busy city. The ambience will give you a better time to relax and enjoy your Japanese dining.

We specialize in preparing a luxurious lunch and dinner, be it on buffet or a-la-carte. Nothing beats our dedication to providing our customers with the best quality Authentic Japanese delights.

With a wide range of sake and shochu, Irodori Japanese Restaurant is definitely the perfect place for Japanese food connoisseurs.

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Call Us At : 6737 2002 for reservation now

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

$38 based on 98 submissions
Buffet (36 votes), Dinner (24 votes), Lunch (23 votes)

SMU Gourmet Club

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Irodori is a simple and chic-looking Japanese restaurant that promises good food at decent prices. Expect quality food – to be sure, we are excluding the leagues of Shinji and Aoki – from their a la carte buffet menu of Japanese cuisine mainstays. Conveniently located at Havelock Road, it is only a short journey to travel from school if you have cravings to satisfy.

We started with the complimentary Ebi Mentai Mayo (grilled tiger prawn). A pity this dish cannot be ordered again because it was one of the more noteworthy dishes, grilled to goodness. For a few fleeting moments of eating this, I had the sudden thought that mayo should used everywhere.

The buffet menu has a wide variety of choices and some of the dishes you have to order include the Sashimi Moriawase. The beautifully plated sashimi includes  a mixture ofShake (salmon), Maguro (tuna), Hamachi (yellow tail), Mekajiki (sword fish), Tako (octopus) and Tai (snapper). They give very generous cuts of the sashimi which is fresh and smooth. Waiting time for this dish will be longer on crowded days because everyone will be ordering sashimi (which is the main point of a Japanese buffet after all). Kudos to the tako. I had many slices that were glossily tender and filled with briny sweetness while a few did fall a bit below that.

There’s no way we would pass up the chance to have a simple Chawanmushi. Intensely savory, smooth, custardy, you could pick out the use of a really rich dashi or chicken stock. All the better when it was pouring outside at that time.

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  • Sashimi24 votes
  • Grilled prawns with mentaiko13 votes
  • Irodori special Maki13 votes
  • chawanmushi4 votes
  • enoki4 votes
  • grilled pike3 votes
  • spider handroll3 votes
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Shake sashimi ,mekajiki ,hamachi ,tuna sashimi
01 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Happy and satisfied :)

Irodori japanese restaurant have over 100 dishes available for unlimited orders. All guests are served with a complimentary round of starters Green Tea Tofu and a one-time order of the Grilled Ebi Mentai Mayo dish.The sashimi was fantastic because it was clearly very fresh and sliced perfectly without being too thick. Certainly worth a visit! and the buffet price is only 36.80++ .
25 Nov 2014 • 48 reviews • 0 follower

moshi moshi

Whenever I crave for Japanese food, particularly sashimi, this is the place I will be. Their sashimis are probably the best in Singapore FULL STOP.
09 Aug 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Good variety and quality for the price

I discovered this place a few years ago and have been going back regularly since. I visit this place probably once every 3 - 4 months. It can be a crowded in the evenings so i usually try to go during lunch when i'm on leave or during the weekends. Lunch buffet is also cheaper for the same menu, so better value anyway.

I feel this is a japanese buffet that is quite value for money. They are generous with their sashimi and for their mixed platter, they give you thick cuts of various fishes. Presentation of the sashimi is good. Sometimes when i specifically order just salmon and swordfish sashimi, my personal favourite, quantity is also generous (they fill up the plate with the same amount as a mixed platter would). I would consider the sashimi quality to be good for the price.

Other dishes i like are the grilled mushroom, chanwanmushi, salmon hand roll, tempura, butter fried mushrooms and various pork and beef dishes. I appreciate how they serve these in smaller quantities so i can have a larger variety, Definitely, definitely order their salmon aburi (flame grilled salmon with rice sushi), this is delicious. I can eat a lot of this and not get tired! Their teapot soup is unique, so order it when you're getting a little full. Maybe try the ramen too, it's a small portion. Their garlic rice is tasty. I don't usually get to order garlic rice at normal japanese restaurants and since this is a buffet, do order it anyway!

After everything, i occasionally order the green tea ice cream with red bean. It's smooth, with the flavour just right

Overall, a good place to go every now and then when you're hungry and craving jap food.
04 Aug 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Best Sashimi

Had the ala carte dinner buffet here on a Friday night. Service was good with the waiters introducing each dish that was served. The menu has a huge variety of dishes, many I have not heard of before, with alot of interesting dishes to try. Good place to try something new and exciting for a change, But out of all these, I have to highlight the Sashimi. If you love Sashimi, this is the place for you. The sashimi, unlike some other places, was served in generous portions, and was one of the freshest and tastiest Sashimi I have ever tried. Definitely a good place to check out.
02 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Good Japanese Restaurant

If you are like me, always craving for Japanese food, you need to make a trip down to Irodori Japanese Restaurant. It’s really good and be sure to make a reservation or you’ll never get to sink your teeth into those yummy perfectly Japanese buffets.