Irodori Japanese Restaurant (Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview) (彩日本料理)


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SMU Gourmet Club

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 54

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Irodori is a simple and chic-looking Japanese restaurant that promises good food at decent prices. Expect quality food – to be sure, we are excluding the leagues of Shinji and Aoki – from their a la carte buffet menu of Japanese cuisine mainstays. Conveniently located at Havelock Road, it is only a short journey to travel from school if you have cravings to satisfy.

We started with the complimentary Ebi Mentai Mayo (grilled tiger prawn). A pity this dish cannot be ordered again because it was one of the more noteworthy dishes, grilled to goodness. For a few fleeting moments of eating this, I had the sudden thought that mayo should used everywhere.

The buffet menu has a wide variety of choices and some of the dishes you have to order include the Sashimi Moriawase. The beautifully plated sashimi includes  a mixture ofShake (salmon), Maguro (tuna), Hamachi (yellow tail), Mekajiki (sword fish), Tako (octopus) and Tai (snapper). They give very generous cuts of the sashimi which is fresh and smooth. Waiting time for this dish will be longer on crowded days because everyone will be ordering sashimi (which is the main point of a Japanese buffet after all). Kudos to the tako. I had many slices that were glossily tender and filled with briny sweetness while a few did fall a bit below that.

There’s no way we would pass up the chance to have a simple Chawanmushi. Intensely savory, smooth, custardy, you could pick out the use of a really rich dashi or chicken stock. All the better when it was pouring outside at that time.

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A cheaper alternative for japanese ala carte buffet

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 45

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I recalled the last time I dined at Irodori more than a year ago and was pretty satisfied with the meal so I decided to bring my parents here to celebrate my mum's bday since she love japanese food.

The folks felt that the selections weren't as extensive as they expected and taste wise were only mediocre. However for the price that we've paid at $35.80++/pax, I find it still acceptable. We love the Ebi Mentai Mayo the most! A real pity that there's only one serving per diner. 

Suitable to go when they have offer something like dine 3-free-1 promotions. 

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The management of Irodori Japanese Restaurant (Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview) responded to this review:
05 Dec 2012
Dear ivyg, Thank you for sharing your experience. We are sad tolearn that our buffet selection was not able to meet yourexpectations and will work to improve ourselves further.

Sashimi, maki, yaki, nigiri, etc... (haiyaa, how to remember over 100 items)

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 355

It has been a while since I last had my share of Japanese Buffet. Not sure why, probably because age is catching up. For 35++/ adult any time any day is actually quite value for money. Located in River View Hotel at Havelock Road it probably help the restaurant to keep the price pocket friendly to the customer.


So what's excellent:

Sashimi Moriawase – The combination consist of shake (salmon), maguro (Tuna), hamachi (Yellow tail), Mekajiki (sword fish), tako (octopus), tai (snapper). All of the sashimi taste very fresh, smooth and the cuts are also generous. I did not manage to try the tako, but I don't think I miss much.

Irodori Maki (Irodori Special Roll) – the combination of the mayonnaise and crunchiness of the ebiko (prawn roe), really make this maki special.

Grilled Prawns with mentaiko and broilled salmon head - Fresh and yummy is to describe this dishes. The salmon head is not fishy, and broiled with soy sauce, ginger and mirin. It is not in the menu, instead it is only serve once for each customer. Very common in Japanese buffet restaurant to give you the exclusive feeling.

Chawamushi – this steam egg is silky smooth.


Other than the above, you have more than 100 items in the menu to choose from. Starting from sashimi, maki mono (Matt Roll), yaki mono (grill dishes), nigiri (finger press) sushi, te-maki (hand roll), age mono (deep fried), teppan yaki, menrui / gohan mono (soba / rice).


The other dishes that we manage to taste such as their mixed tempura, tebasaki karaage (deep fried mid wing), tori karaage, beef and pork shogayaki, enoki shitake butter yaki, soft shell crab handroll, chicken yakitori, saba fish, ebi furai (bread crumb prawn), tonkatsu, saba fish and zaru soba. The standard of each dish is actually quite good on average.


Deserts are not part of the buffet, but if you have extra space left in your tummy or you need to satisfied your sweet tooth, you can order the green tea or sesame ice cream.


Base on our visit on Thursday night, it can be seen that this restaurant is quite popular. This place can seat around 100 people and on that night, it is almost full, including the chef's counter. The restaurant is spacious, bright and comfortable. Service is very efficient, and we have this tea lady keep the green tea flowing at all times.


Overall, this restaurant really make a good impression on all fronts. Starting from ambiance, food quality, service and price. If you go to any good ala carte Japanese restaurant, you will probably spend the same amount as the buffet. So I guess, I'll be back for more then. Thanks to HGW for inviting me for the food tasting. Jūbun ni meshiagare – bon appetit in Japanese.  

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eat till you drop

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 224

Kudos to the folks at HGW for inviting me to the review session at this joint

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by a series of credit card promotional banners at the entrance. Seeing that there’s a 15% off the bill with the varied credit cards, filling the seats shouldn’t be a problem.

On entry, my speculation was proven correct; the seats were very much filled, and were already bustling like a typical Japanese joint in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.  35++ for lunch or dinner buffet, with more than 100 items to choose from the menu makes for a very note-worthy joint for my revisit.

This being a buffet joint, you will not be expecting to see bellies & seasonal catches on the menu. However, their cuts of the sake, maguro, hamachi, mekajiki, tako & tai are savory favorites of mine.

I’d have to say I took to liking the irodori maki & soft shell crab roll. Chawan mushi that was served right at the beginning lingered in my thoughts for a good hour. The texture is smoother than silken tofu, and the egg scent is almost absent.

On the side, with the Dobin mushi was another delight that helped ingestion of the spread.

Dessert is not on the buffet menu, but available at really affordable price.

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Good value Japanese ala carte buffet

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 102

It was my first try to the 4 year old establishment. Located opposite Miramar Hotel, within River View Hotel, priced at $35++/adult regardless of weekday, weekend, dinner or lunch, the target clientele is direct competition to Ikoi. However, I must admit that it is a better choice compared to Ikoi for several reasons.

Currently, Irodori has 10% dinner, 15% lunch discount for ala carte items for the major credit cards. Ambience wise, Irodori gives a less claustrophobic feeling. Some tables even allow a view to Havelock Road. Food variety is no less than Ikoi, but quality of food, including sashimi, is at least as good as Ikoi, if not slightly better, compared to the current Ikoi standard which I tried only a few weeks ago.

My favourite dishes include mixed platter sashimi, irodori maki.

Standard fare that are pretty well done include: chawamushi, tampura, shitake teriyaki, soft shell crab hand roll, age gyoza, buta kimuchee, oden.

There were complimentary dishes which were not available for order on the menu and varies from day to day. My favourite was the king prawn.

On a thursday night, the restaurant was 90% full at 8am. So I guess a good crowd of people recognise the restaurant's value and offering. Service staff were attentive, friendly, courteous and prompt to help.

The meal for the food review was sponsored by the establishment. Desserts and other drinks besides the standard green tea were not part of the buffet.

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Affordable Japanese Buffet with good variety

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 170

For full review and photos, visit: was there on a Sunday, and there was not much of a crowd. The sashimi here is pretty good. I really like the swordfish and the salmon sashimi. For sashimi lovers, the price of the buffet is really worth it. Another highlight of the dinner was of course, the Ebi Mentai Mayo. Each person will receive one and it was definitely yummy.As it was my first visit and I have no experience to compare with, I think the food is worth a try for the price and quality!

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The management of Irodori Japanese Restaurant (Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview) responded to this review:
05 Dec 2012
Dear ThumbsForFood, Thank you for your review. We are glad to learn that you found our Ala Carte Buffet to be of good quality at an affordable price and look forward to your next visit to our restaurant.

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