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Derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for ‘bowl’, JAAN is an internationally recognised modern French restaurant in Singapore that has established itself as a gastronomic platform with a reputation for handpicking and grooming exceptional culinary talents. The intimate 40 seat restaurant has a sophisticated interior that features a stunning Murano crystal and silver free-form chandelier that spans the entire length of the ceiling. The beauty of the chandelier is only outdone by two things: the breathtaking view of Singapore’s scenic landscape as well as the truly exquisite culinary and service experience that have become the hallmark of this multi-award winning restaurant.


Enjoy nature’s finest as Chef de Cuisine Kirk Westaway presents a harmonious interplay of quality ingredients each kept true to nature’s perfection within every dish. True to JAAN’s philosophy, the result is an innovative cuisine that continues to pay tribute to seasonality and the skills of the world’s best gourmet producers.


JAAN’s wine list is a proud display of nearly 500 different labels of Old World and New World Wines. With an exceptional menu paired with exquisite wines, JAAN attains the highest levels of excellence, placing it firmly amongst the greatest restaurants in Asia.

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Lunch Menu ...
3 course menu (including coffee) at $78 With truffled Brie de Meaux $98

Latest Review for JAAN

Overall RatingBased on 95 reviews
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Fantastic view with amazing food

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 267

Read more about Jaan on my blog   Our meal is designed by Chef de Cuisin Julien Royer, a young chef who brings with him the unique taste of Cantal, Auvergne, France. Growing up on a farm developed in him a great appreciation of pure and organic ingredients and 'simplicity' (so he says) in his dishes. Seasonal ingredients are used to ensure freshness and thus the flavors will be different each quarter you visit. Here is our 7 course Winter Prestige Menu.   We had 3 Amuse Bouche before the start of our 7 course meal. Sheesh!My stomach was starting to fill up a little by the time our first course came. Wild Caught Langoustine and Avocado Canneloni, served on top of a light crustacean jelly, ikura and Oscietra Caviar. This is a light seafood dish which is served cold. I like how the jelly is bisque infused. Needless to say i polished every bit of this.    2nd Course is one of my favorite dishes from Jaan. One of their signatures too. The 55' Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg with smoked rattes, autumn mushrooms and chorizo iberico. Perfect breakfast food that i would eat any time of the day. The smoked rosemary reminded me of our previous experience at Mikuni (read it here).   Many dishes in between...   Desserts was the 4th Generation of Choconuts, a staple at Jaan but it is currently on its version 4. Sable Breton, textures of white, milk and dark chocolate in biscuit, crumble, aerated, creamed, meringue, flakes and ice cream form. There was also a surprise with those crackly pops in the chocolate bits.   There are about 3 menus to pick from and the minimum is a 5 course for dinner. I kinda regretted not doing that as there is some wagyu or beef short ribs and you know how i love my red meats (not pigeon). So yea. Jaan, great place for the special occasion. 

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Modern French Cuisine at Jaan

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

[Click here for Full Review]

Jaan, derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for ‘bowl’, is currently ranked 29th in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Currently lead by Chef de Cuisine Kirk Westway, Jaan offers elevated modern french cuisine with imaginative twists and beautiful aesthetics. I visited this establishment with Miss M in September 2015 as a celebration for both of our birthdays.

This restaurant had been on my to-go list for a very long time. Having only 40 seats in the dining room, it was quite a challenge to get a reservation in their restaurant. During my previous visit to Singapore, I had tried calling them up to reserve a table one week in advance, but it was fully booked. So during my subsequent trip, I’ve made sure to e-mail them about one month in advance.

Located on the 70th floor of Equinox Complex, entering the restaurant is an experience by itself. There is a booth at the ground floor that leads the way to an elevator up to the restaurant. After passing through several short hallways, we entered the restaurant and were lucky enough to be seated at a table with a spectacular view that oversees the Marina Bay Sands. The set up of the dining room felt really special with its bright, classy interior at such a high elevation. This was by far the most romantic restaurant I’ve ever been.

Dining at Jaan was one of the best fine dining experiences I’ve had so far. At a very affordable price point of $118, I would say that their lunch degustation was more than worth it. However, be mindful that they have an additional charge for their amuse bouche which was automatically included in our lunch.

Their stand out dishes were the heirloom tomato collection and their rosemary infused organic egg. I can’t praise them enough for the creativity and artistry demonstrated in all of their dishes. All of their plates looked so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. All these factors combined, along with excellent service, lead to a very enjoyable meal.

For a full review, please click on the link above or visit my blog at

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Lunch with an amazing view

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 17

See the full review of Jaan's 5-course set lunch at:

Jaan had always been a little milestone of my foodie journey on this little red dot. When I’m overseas, I’m always willing to splurge on my meals because more often than not, I’ll only be there once. With no such pressure in Singapore, there are just too many restaurants on my to-eat list! Since my boyfriend and I were looking for a restaurant for a celebration, we decided to visit Jaan for its set lunch menu.
Having a meal at a fine dining restaurant comes with the likes of amuse bouche and petit fours that are not listed on the menu. Shortly after placing our order, we were served 3 different canapes.
Wagyu beef tartare wrapped with jamon iberico, fish and chips and foie gras macarons   These bite sized treats were simply a delight with complex flavours and finesse in their creation. Of the 3, I was impressed with Jaan’s rendition of the mini fish and chips that comes in the form of a small ring of crispy fried potato topped with a savoury fish paste that just wows your taste buds.
Mushroom tea  Moving on to our 2nd amuse bouche, the mushroom tea. Such an elegant soup that i’ve never tasted elsewhere. The mushroom tea was served in a french press, extracting a clean and pure tea to be poured over a sabayon of cep, lovage and walnuts. This brought the idea of a soup to a whole new level. The earthy soup had texture that is likened to water, except that it is loaded full of mushroom flavor and finishes off with a fragrant walnut crunch.
Heirloom Tomato   Bits of tomato stuffed in a large tomato, served with burrata, tomato espuma and basil sorbet. The flesh of the tomato was meaty with an abundance of tomato juice as you sink your teeth into it. Burrata on the side proved to be creamy, chewy and was a good complement to the tomato. It was a very refreshing dish that had the burst of basil fragrance from the sorbet against the robust and acidic tasting heirloom tomato.
55’ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg   This dish clearly exemplifies how Jaan sets out to evoke all your senses during the dining experience. Feast with your eyes at the dreamy display of the 55’ eggs and take in weaves of the smoked rosemary beneath the serving bowl. Cooked for exactly 55 minutes at 64 degrees, the wobbly runny egg is poured into the ratte potato with bits of chorizo iberico. The creamy egg is a wonderful concoction of egg white and egg yolk alongside with the nutty and buttery ratte potatoes.

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