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Reviews for JAAN

Ms Skinnyfat

Fantastic view with amazing food

Read more about Jaan on my blog   Our meal is designed by Chef de Cuisin Julien Royer, a young chef who brings with him the unique taste of Cantal, Auvergne, France. Growing up on a farm developed in him a great appreciation of pure and organic ingredients and 'simplicity' (so he says) in his dishes. Seasonal ingredients are used to ensure freshness and thus the flavors will be different each quarter you visit. Here is our 7 course Winter Prestige Menu.   We had 3 Amuse Bouche before the start of our 7 course meal. Sheesh!My stomach was starting to fill up a little by the time our first course came. Wild Caught Langoustine and Avocado Canneloni, served on top of a light crustacean jelly, ikura and Oscietra Caviar. This is a light seafood dish which is served cold. I like how the jelly is bisque infused. Needless to say i polished every bit of this.    2nd Course is one of my favorite dishes from Jaan. One of their signatures too. The 55' Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg with smoked rattes, autumn mushrooms and chorizo iberico. Perfect breakfast food that i would eat any time of the day. The smoked rosemary reminded me of our previous experience at Mikuni (read it here).   Many dishes in between...   Desserts was the 4th Generation of Choconuts, a staple at Jaan but it is currently on its version 4. Sable Breton, textures of white, milk and dark chocolate in biscuit, crumble, aerated, creamed, meringue, flakes and ice cream form. There was also a surprise with those crackly pops in the chocolate bits.   There are about 3 menus to pick from and the minimum is a 5 course for dinner. I kinda regretted not doing that as there is some wagyu or beef short ribs and you know how i love my red meats (not pigeon). So yea. Jaan, great place for the special occasion. 
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31 Dec 2014 • 72 reviews • 0 follower

Fine dining in the sky

Jaan is definitely THE place for special occasions in my opinion. They have various set meals to choose from, to suit anyone's taste and budget. Enjoyed the food and presentation was very nice, so nice it was a waste to actually eat it. Highly recommended place for special occasions. 
24 Dec 2014 • 98 reviews • 0 follower

The Tallest + BEST Fine Dining Restaurant in Singapore with Magnificent View!

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I was here for my birthday celebration. Among the "high-rise" restaurants I've visited, I must say Jaan has the best breathtaking view of Singapore’s iconic cityscape! 

We were here for the 5 Course Degustation Set Lunch but the five-course lunch here seems like a 9-course lunch with all the little additional treats. From the amuse bouche to the food and dessert, we were really impressed with the presentation, probably the BEST!!! Of course the food quality is high too! You'll definitely be satisfied and feeling full leaving the restaurant.

Service was prompt and good but we did not receive that kind of warm fine dining service from the lady who served us most of the time so we were a tad disappointed in this... Besides this, everything was very good... Best venue for any special occasions! 
06 Nov 2014 • 36 reviews • 0 follower


JAAN is consistantly awarded Asia's Best 50 Restaurant and it really worth a visit. Locates on 70F @ Raffles City with great view of the bay and MBS. Decoration is not that fancy but quite old compare to other new famous gourmet places in sg. While their food are just amazing! Amazing presenting and my post for further infomation. Thanks:)