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Reviews for JAAN

Ms Skinnyfat

Fantastic view with amazing food

Read more about Jaan on my blog   Our meal is designed by Chef de Cuisin Julien Royer, a young chef who brings with him the unique taste of Cantal, Auvergne, France. Growing up on a farm developed in him a great appreciation of pure and organic ingredients and 'simplicity' (so he says) in his dishes. Seasonal ingredients are used to ensure freshness and thus the flavors will be different each quarter you visit. Here is our 7 course Winter Prestige Menu.   We had 3 Amuse Bouche before the start of our 7 course meal. Sheesh!My stomach was starting to fill up a little by the time our first course came. Wild Caught Langoustine and Avocado Canneloni, served on top of a light crustacean jelly, ikura and Oscietra Caviar. This is a light seafood dish which is served cold. I like how the jelly is bisque infused. Needless to say i polished every bit of this.    2nd Course is one of my favorite dishes from Jaan. One of their signatures too. The 55' Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg with smoked rattes, autumn mushrooms and chorizo iberico. Perfect breakfast food that i would eat any time of the day. The smoked rosemary reminded me of our previous experience at Mikuni (read it here).   Many dishes in between...   Desserts was the 4th Generation of Choconuts, a staple at Jaan but it is currently on its version 4. Sable Breton, textures of white, milk and dark chocolate in biscuit, crumble, aerated, creamed, meringue, flakes and ice cream form. There was also a surprise with those crackly pops in the chocolate bits.   There are about 3 menus to pick from and the minimum is a 5 course for dinner. I kinda regretted not doing that as there is some wagyu or beef short ribs and you know how i love my red meats (not pigeon). So yea. Jaan, great place for the special occasion. 
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06 Nov 2014 • 26 reviews • 0 follower

Amazing food!

JAAN is consistantly awarded Asia's Best 50 Restaurant and it really worth a visit. Locates on 70F @ Raffles City with great view of the bay and MBS. Decoration is not that fancy but quite old compare to other new famous gourmet places in sg. While their food are just amazing! Amazing presenting and my post for further infomation. Thanks:)
11 Oct 2014 • 147 reviews • 6 followers

A beautiful lunch!!!

Reservation is strongly recommended. When I called, I was told the next available slot for lunch was 3 weeks later. Although when I called a second time to reschedule the lunch appointment, I was able to change it easily to a week later. And to get to JAAN, one must come from Swissotel main lobby. There’s a lift dedicated for patrons heading to Equinox Complex.

Once we stepped out of the lift, the receptionist for the restaurants at Level 70 checked our booking before leading us to JAAN. As requested in our reservation, we were allocated window table! Yeah. But ladies, please remember to put on sunscreen. (^^lll) Ha./

And from the menu (pages 12345), we ordered:-

1) Degustation lunch (5 courses), $118 comprising of:-

(A) Amuse bouche – Rye crackers to go with the Chef Julien Royer’s take of hummus. Made with lentil, auvergne and chestnut paste. And I especially liked the fluffy black sesame sponge and cracker topped with cheese. So good

(B) Amuse bouche – Oh yes, amuse bouche continued! What I did not manage to capture in picture was the initial presentation where flask containing the mushroom tea and wooden cups of cepes sabayon were placed on a piece of oak. After a detailed explanation, the staff then poured the mushroom tea into the wooden cups. It was a little magical as we watched the contents foamed. And this was so good. It was just so tasty.

(C) Beetroot ‘collection’ – Burratta artigiana, honeycomb, radish. Unfortunately, this was one dish we could not truly appreciate. Not a beetroot fan.

(D) 55′ rosemary smoked organic egg – Ratte potato, chorizo iberico, buckwheat. And the dish that I came for! Eggs made a dramatic entrance with the dry ice effects. Ha. Egg cooked at 64 degrees for 55 minutes to achieve a gooey yolk of vibrant orange. And I admit I got a little distracted (by taking photographs) as the staff explained the content within the glass bowl. And once the explanation was over, the staff poured the egg into our bowl of chorizo iberico, smoked ratte (potato) and toasted buckwheat. And this was so good. Lift up the glass bowl to release the scent of rosemary that’s placed underneath.

Due to the (silly) 3000 characters limit, continue to read my review on other dishes here: PART2

My girlfriend and I left JAAN feeling very full, but very satisfied and happy! Having tried a few lunch courses at similar fine-dining restaurants, we were surprised at the generous offering of amuse bouche at JAAN.

Food was not only beautiful on plates, but tasted really good too. And I liked the dramatic entrance of (some of) the dishes with the use of dry ice. Keke. Service was impeccable. Staff were professional with a personal touch. I highly recommend one should dine at JAAN at least once. But set aside at least 2 hours for a comfortably paced meal.

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24 Aug 2014 • 122 reviews • 7 followers

Exquisite 10 course menu Epicure

For pictures and full review, pls visit:
(only half of my review is here due to the word limit)
Previously, I have tried Jaan’s set lunch and was begging for more (who wouldn’t?). Our anniversary was the perfect excuse to revisit for Jaan’s degustation dinner. Limited seats are assigned to diners who wish to use the Amex Platinum card promotion (50% for 2 pax), hence we queued for 3 months for our table. There are 4 set dinner selections available: 5, 7 or 10 course, and a 5 course vegetarian menu. I was apprehensive to try the mysterious 10 course set, because there was no description of the food on the menu (yes, it’s meant for the chef to surprise your palate). After some deliberation, we decided on the 10 course set, Menu Epicure ($298). Because I don’t eat raw meat or foie gras, some of my dishes were changed to accommodate these dietary requirements.

Amuse Bouche at Jaan is delightfully extravagant. I’ve dined at quite a number of fine dining restaurants and so far none of them have matched up to this number and standard of creative small bites.

Beetroot macaron with Cervelle de canut, a sour cheese spread from Lyon Smoked Eel on Black Sesame Sponge
Cantal cheese on Walnut Cracker
Lentil HummusCereals tuiles

Wild Mushroom Tea, cep sabayon, buckwheat and walnuts. Intense flavour, aromatic and smooth soup that cannot be missed!

Mention-worthy are the breads at Jaan. Brioche had a rich onion flavour and flaked beautifully, while the mini baguette had a nice crisp crust. Accompanied with French bordier butter for that extra punch. I had to stop Hubby from having more bread as we have yet to start our first course!

Each course was excellent, exquisite, and elegantly plated. It’s the little details that make the difference, we really could not fault anything.

Langoustine Tartare, accentuated with grapefruit and mint. Heirloom Carrot Composition, served on a chilled stone plate, is an interesting play of textures and natural flavours of nature’s goodness. It’s essentially walnuts, chervil, mustard with walnut paste, mustard seed and mint sorbet.

Zucchini “trumbetta”Burrata ArtigianaTomato collectionNicoise olive, glittered with pops of Golden caviar. So tasty even a vege-hater would love this. The tomatoes were amazing! They literally disintegrate in the mouth.

The invigorating aroma of rosemary flooded our senses. Ah… my favourite egg in the world is on its way. Making a theatrical entrance, the 55′ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg is nothing short of awesome. Cooked with scientific precision at 64 °C for 55 minutes, the translucent silky egg was tipped into a bowl of chorizo, rattes potato and buckwheat.

Oh, how apt! Jaan’s Garden turned up on a tree trunk. Buried under spring vegetables, morels and sweetbread, lies thin slices of savoury ham.

Reached word limit, full review is on the the blog.