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Address: Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissotel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Road, 178882
18 Jun 2014 • 313 Reviews • 1 Follower

Another Fabulous Degustation Dinner @ Jaan on 16Jun2014

ee my full reviews & photos at =

had another wonderful degustation par excellence at jaan on 16.6.2014. 
regretfully jaan is fully booked or the rest of the year for feed-at-raffles (FAR) discounts. looks like only mikuni & occasionally equinox & prego to go to.
the new amuse bouche of beetroot macaron, an eel mousse, (can’t remember the last) plus the rye cracker was good, pleasant & quite fine, though no better than previous.
the second amuse bouche, a ceps mushroom tea, was the best soup ever, so intense & flavourful & lingering. 
#1 the ocean seafood composition was simply delicious! every item was excellent & there were so many – langoustine, oyster (yummy!), scallop, ikura (salmon roe), eel, caviar, another prawn. i could have this again! 
not quite sure what the toast do? anyway a good toast.
#2 the zucchini trumbetta was nice, pleasant, refreshing, not quite a standout among so many excellent dishes.
#3 the 64degC 55mins sous vide egg with iberico chorizo was quite a complete dining experience with the dry ice foam flowing down. the silky egg yolk added texture combination to the crispy iberico chorizo.
#4 the foie gras preparation/presentation had changed several times but texture wise quite the change. the inside is soft tender tasty. the outside though was different from the more caramelised preparation which we preferred.
#5 monk fish was pretty good – firm, bouncy. meat was slightly sweet. somehow all the monkfish i tried in singapore (& this was a better one) could not match the excellent sweet tasting monkfish ala plancha i had in barcelona’s bouqueria market & tapas restaurants. white asparagus was very good, very tasty & tender. 
#6 the hay roasted pigeon was as usual, nothing less than superb. the medium rare sous vide breast was the best. i couldn’t quite decide if amsterdam beulings’ quail was better or this. 
the best dinner we had at jaan though was on 20.1.2014 where we had miyazaki beef in place of pigeon.
#7 choconuts was supposed to offer different temperature, texture & taste. i supposed it did & its a good dessert, but i thought some of the previous choconuts editions were distinctly better.
the petit four were good or competent for this level of restaurant, not a standout.
well, looks like i have to try the waiting list & see my luck play out.
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