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28 Apr 2014 • 6 Reviews • 0 Follower

Something Fishy

There is a great promotion via Amex that gives 1 for 1 dining for couples at the restaurants in The Fairmont and Swiss Hotel. Except the promotion is a Red Herring.
 I called Jaan to book for my Wedding anniversary and was told that the annual quota of Amex seats is already used up. Now if it were November I could understand, but it is only April, so something is fishy.
 Equally, the hotel staff were disinterested that the booking was from a regular guest of their restaurants, that it was a once in a lifetime special occasion and on a weekday. Their best proposal was to go and eat somewhere else or free valet parking!
 So - take with a pinch of salt what you read in the promotional material from Amex and/or the SwissHotel / The Fairmont.
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