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Daily: 11:00 - 22:30

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A subsidiary brand under the JP Pepperdine Group, Jack's Place has carved out a special place in the hearts and appetites of Singaporeans through its popular steak houses, cake houses and professional catering service.

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  • Fire steak 1 vote
  • Herb butter tenderloin steak 1 vote
  • NZ rib eye 1 vote
  • Ribeye Steak (Set Lunch) 1 vote
  • mushroom soup. 1 vote

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

Went there on my birthday and ordered the Fire Steak! Was not disappointed with my medium rare steak. Service was also very warm and nice! As it was night time, ambience was dark and I think suitable for romantic dates/rendezvous. Will go back again!

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Horrible Steak, rest are pretty decent.

Food/Drink 2 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

Went to this particular branch with a friend and had Ribeye and Cod fish. The latter was actually pretty tasty, the potato and vegetables were good too.
 Here comes the problem, the steak. For a restaurant calling itself a steak house, one would expect decent, or at least edible steak. That wasn't the case. The steak was ordered medium rare, it came slightly cold. One could tell how tough it was just through the effort needed to cut it, one cut required a minute or more of cutting.
 Put it in your mouth? It felt like rubber bands woven together with woolen strings, it was so chewy that after 5 minutes of chewing (and the meat losing its flavour throughout the process), one would give up and just spit the meat out. Not only is that the case, the tough strings of fat get stuck between the teeth and were really difficult to remove. Chewing on the steak gave off a crunchy feeling, even erasers could be chewed through. This steak? No. Forget about the tenderness and juiciness, there's none of those.
 Perhaps it is an off day, or perhaps it is only this branch that is so, I can only speak based on my experience. There is always that uncertainty, thus, I would not recommend steak from this place. Also, it seems like the last review of this place is from 2011, it is now 2015, perhaps it is not what it used to be. Even a $6 "steak" from coffee shop Western food stores is more edible.

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Being Father's day, decided to bring my dad for our old comfort food...Jack Place.

Boy was it a bad experience!

There was so many hiccups that I told myself by the end of the night that I would not go back ever again.

Made a reservation prior to going to the place and when I arrived, the place was barely 1/4 occupied. I indicated our reservation and the staff took a while trying to locate, looking very uncertain.

There were the 3 of us, and they gave us a table nearest to the toilet , which looked like a table for 2 that they just added a 3rd chair. We asked them if we could get another table and the waitor said that they are fully booked....which was pretty funny looking at the amount of empty seats everywhere.

We ordered 2 Ribeye steak (medium rare) and the dory from the father's day menu. Added on th Escargos and changed th soup to Lobster Bisque.

1st came the escargo, it was pretty normal, nothing like the ones that we usually enjoy @ Yan San building(no longer there.)

Gave us garlic bread which was soft, not crisp at all and the garlic spread was so minimal.

Soup came next, it was ok. While going through the soup, the mains came and the waitor was rushing us to finish our soup, even though we are not even half done, she even commented that she has to clear fast because there was not enough space. Exactly, putting 3 people at a 2 person's table and they even have the cheek to rush us through our meal, Ridiculous.

The steak was bad, it did not come in a hot plate, it was placed in a flat plate.Which they obviously failed to mention to us. Both our steak was so under cooked that I could place my finger on the meat and it did not emit any heat, not even the gravy was hot. The mash potato was not warm at all too. The meat was so raw that I had to get them to bring it back. The manager, Gerald got the kitchen to do it again. The 2nd time round, the meat was slightely better but not warm at all. They only heated up the gravy sauce and slap it on the plate. I left most of the steak on the plate, it was just not worth eating.

After our mains, I was asking them on where our Tandorri Chicken salad was, when the next course should be dessert already. I tried to get the staff attention for 5 minutes and the totally did not bother attending to us despite walking pass us. There was this particular service staff that was so rude and yelled, What we want. We refused to talk to her and wanted to speak to the manger again. We had to wait for a while before we manage to speak to the Manager on our missing appetitzer and than they realise that they missed it out.

Bascially, the ambience is ok. Food is bad (dont be deceive when they say steakhouse, it is far from the normal quality of whats called a steak.) Service was horrible, a few waitress had attitude problem and some learnt to just ignore customer. Not worth the money, better off eating western food at food courts.

Would not ever come back to this place. I would suggest the mangement really look at the varience in quality and service in their outlet because this place will just ruin their restaurant name.

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